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Shield/kin tank advice


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First off I don't have Mids, but I know roughly how to build just seeing what people think of this idea. So far.. 


Shield/Kin tank.

Force of Will pool giving me a second cone and a second ranged attack to go with Kin Melee's cone and St range, the foot stomp extra power, Burst, and Shield charge. Stuff flying everywhere. Messy, sloppy fun, and no need for taunt. 


Probably take the fighting or leadership, but not likely both. Debating hasten or Combat Jumping. Debating which epic goes with this.


The point is to debuff/mitigate and be a great team anchor. I did FF with this guy today and had a blast with just shield charge and the Kin Melee Cone. 


Any advice on epic and incarnates? (Thinking Muscular or Agility, Mighty, and Melee Hybrid. Maybe Reactive too. Tsoo pets cause he's a Shaolin Monk with a Shield. 

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So far...

Stacking up the recharge with +ff procs and lotg

Added a Sudden Acceleration kb > Kd in Repulsing torrent. 

Added Overwhelming Force Dmg/kb% to Shield Charge. 


It plays like a walking quake maker... Nothing gets to stand up for long if I don't want it to. 


Added SF Prot KB and Winter's Gift slow prot so I'm never on my butt. I'm 29 and this is quickly becoming my favorite tanker. All the little mitigation things between force of will and kintetic melee blend very well too. Great on TF's. I think I'm going to add Darkest Night to it for the toHitDebuff. 



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