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Judge Jetson

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Hello all heroes and heroines,


i know many of you love the challenge of building the best of the best. I am happy to do the work but the intricacies of the game can sometimes be over my head. I have just finished levelling my earth/emp Controller and loved the ride. 

I am asking if someone could assist with an end game team based build. 

I would like to focus on Empathy for the team and rocky. I’d like to have all empathy powers except absorb pain and maybe heal other.  

Leadership is a must and no flight pool. I like teleport but not stuck on it. Recharge is the name of the game for my auras. 

As for the primary, whatever allows me the time to focus on my job… healing and buffing.

Max build appreciated!

Thanks friends,

The Judge

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     Curious any particular reason for not wanting to take HO?  Earth/Empathy was about my 3rd or 4th character ever created on Live sometime early issue 4.  During a time of no computer here on HC I created a on paper version of the pairing.  Have to see if I can find those notes and receate the character in Mids.  Cometfall was a flyer but swapping around travel powers shouldn't be much of an issue.  Likewise I probably skipped Resurrection but it shouldn't be too difficult to fit it back into the build.

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