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Mastermind Pet Stance Effects


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Getting back to playing a mastermind recently I realized how much of a pain they can be to babysit, but I'm thinking of some QoL changes that might make the experience better.


One of the biggest ones is adding some different effects to the mastermind pet stances so that they better reflect what your pets are supposed to do.


Follow: works as is

Stay: unresistible mag immobilize on all pets, actually forced to stay put

Goto: works as is

Attack target: works as is


Defensive: minor increase in def/res

Aggressive: minor increase in damage/tohit

passive: same as defensive


Bodyguard mode still a thing for defense+follow


I just want some tweaks to add more flavour to the stance mechanic, and make it so stay actually does what is supposed to do. Tired of my ranged minions decided to go run 50ft away to smack a guy when I explicitly told them not to

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