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  1. Better throw the hat in the ring for our base. Character name: Me'er Global Handle: @ltzerge SG Name: The Alpha Division Shard: Everlasting Passcode: alphad-1335 Contributors: None directly (but everyone here if its in regards to inspiration lol) The base has a ton of other areas to access and explore, accessed via portal linked doors. Nervous an unguided judge will simply miss a lot of things 😮
  2. So after a week or so of toiling away in the base this new area is basically done. You go through a portal entering a cave, that then leads above ground to a red river. At either end of the river are buildings, the north one being a small lodge and the south one being a larger home with a workshop. Overseers scattered through out monitor the player, and the larger home is guard by a golem. https://imgur.com/a/7SLzrGH
  3. Guess I'll pitch in, maybe the deadline will get my butt in gear to finish detailing more aspects of the base. Problem is it runs at -1 fps when editing, so it has been very painful! using over 12,000 objects will do that I guess. SG: The Alpha Division Passcode: alphad-1335 Global: @LtZerge Even if I don't get anywhere I'm just happy to have people experience the base. There are door portals all over to different areas that will be vital to seeing it all.
  4. Well this sure is a thread isn't it. I'll accept I can't exactly do much constructive with these updates outside of give my own subjective opinion on it. The naming convention change, or rather update, makes sense to me. It's something I understood from live but was surprised to see left alone after the update to licensed character restrictions. Our SG was its own original PPD offshoot and not calling itself after the official NPC branches so we should be fine. I'm curious to see what the "official" PPD sg on everlasting does with this. The streaming/video ban is... unfortunate. That's an increasingly important part of modern gaming communities. I can only assume some external force has them spooked into enforcing this as a general rule, but if it is NCSoft I can expect no transparency on the subject. The conspiracy mongering by some members here is a bit nonsensical, there's really zero motive to lie about these things or shoot their own community in the foot for no reason. If it did come down to a negotiation thing I'm not hopeful about it, NCSoft has the power and interest to simply leave the community in legal purgatory forever until we give up or go away, and given they've been doing that to us for 8 years now I'm not seeing much prospective change. Stonewalling the negotation process until we give up costs them almost nothing compared to taking legal action(bad PR) or licensing the game out(overhead and they're too stubborn for it. KIlling IPs forever is NCSoft policy)
  5. The worst I had was a hardcore near sleepless binge over several days many many years ago. I was leveling a fire/storm corrupter the normal way. I couldn't go anywhere with groups of people without my mind thinking 'where is the best place to put rain of fire?' or 'what angle should I use my cones from?' and visualizes it in my head almost instinctively.
  6. My majestic floof, in his maximum winter floof-ness
  7. Bot/FF/Mace I will second as being pretty lazy, almost yawn inducing it's so indestructible. Power boosted bubbles on their own get your whole team and all your bots up into the soft-caps, your henchmen do all the real heavy lifting, and you don't have to do much for minutes at a time.
  8. Same, and they do a good size debuff to enemy offense after they blow, so they're perfect for the role really. I usually just slot mine for x4 cloud senses to get the bonuses and be done with it
  9. It also depends a lot on your timezone. Our group, Alpha Division, is very busy, but mostly around the 3-10pm PST time span, it's slower outside of that. I think most groups suffer from this, you simply can't reasonably have enough people in the group to fill out every time slot, so at least in our case we focused on one more common window of activity to make sure there was a sense of community there
  10. It was cool seeing everyone's unique solutions and takes on different characters from media. I think I was the only bumblebee? made me sort of proud being something so notable yet somehow with no dupes. Everyone on everlasting was a blast to socialize with, I look forward to the next event. I'm just sad the demon guy didn't get a chance to shine, I was really rooting for him.
  11. Getting back to playing a mastermind recently I realized how much of a pain they can be to babysit, but I'm thinking of some QoL changes that might make the experience better. One of the biggest ones is adding some different effects to the mastermind pet stances so that they better reflect what your pets are supposed to do. Follow: works as is Stay: unresistible mag immobilize on all pets, actually forced to stay put Goto: works as is Attack target: works as is Defensive: minor increase in def/res Aggressive: minor increase in damage/tohit passive: same as defensive Bodyguard mode still a thing for defense+follow I just want some tweaks to add more flavour to the stance mechanic, and make it so stay actually does what is supposed to do. Tired of my ranged minions decided to go run 50ft away to smack a guy when I explicitly told them not to
  12. I'd love to, but I don't have any LGBTQ characters, yet! I guess my characters would asexual? Yeah, it's extremely all encompassing, as long as you aren't a typically straight/cis person you have a slot. Asexual counts
  13. That's the big point of confusion, the most important part of the set also undoes the rest of the set, woops. Really should have changed the IO set to focus on acc/end/recharge
  14. I know in my early days of playing I was in middle school and prone to getting rather unpleasant in chat, but I would never got out of my way to ruin someone else's gameplay experience. NOW I can't say the same for other people. Before TP prompts were put in I was a frequent member of the mile high dive club, I remember distinctly the team leader calling me a fa**ot for getting upset at all the death and debt he was treating me to. Bank mission where the leader said to rush the bank objective, then immediately turn tail once we were inside the building, causing the team to split up and die at the door. That was just a dumb team wipe, then he got made at us. Not sure if that was intentional griefing or he was being an idiot, but it caused arguing and the team disbanded. PvP droning. I never droned, but was the victim of it frequently. However I did have a /devices blaster, so you bet I abused the pants out of trip mines and TP foe. One of my favourite derp moments with this was TPing a stalker who wasn't at stealth cap, forgetting they have huge AoE defense when still in hide, so they just avoided all the huge explosions and shanked me. That was my personal karma and I actually just laughed at my own misfortune I feel obligated to say all my worst encounters were on Pinnacle for some reason. Every other server was fine. Virtue got weird, but only because people were so dedicated to being in-character even when they were designed to be annoying/snarky/perverted etc. These experiences were very far between, but because they were so rare they were something to remember.
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