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Praetor White "Part Three: Just as Sweet" mission potentially can't be completed after Cleopatra's arc


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I did Praetor White's arc after I played through Cleopatra's arcs which ended with me killing her as the Loyalist option. I had not outleveled Praetor White by then so I started his arc and the third mission is to deliver flowers to Cleopatra. Having just killed her, she was no longer present on the map so I could not complete the mission (I had to use an autocomplete).


Not sure if this is feasible to fix in a sensible way.

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It's not broken. Praetoria is set up so that decisions impact the world. So if you do the Cutter Cain arc before the doctor arc in Imperial City for example? You can't do the doctor arc because he has been arrested or killed. Since Marauder is the first contact you get after the Praetoria tutorial, it is basically expected that you will do his arc before branching out to do others. So for Praetoria, when you get to the morality single player only missions? Make sure you have nothing else to do in that range first.


(Edit: If you have a mission where you can arrest, kill, or otherwise neutralize a target? Make sure you don't need that target for anything else. Killing Cleo' has more impacts than just that Marauder mission for instance. Her death, if you kill her in that mission, turns up in later parts of the story too. Same if you don't kill her. It turns up later in the story.)

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Being forced to use an autocomplete is to me an indication that something, somewhere is in fact broken. I would expect White to just skip that mission if Cleo is dead (but I don't know if that's possible to do with how story arcs are constructed)


I may very well have gone outside the expected story path but that wasn't especially hard to do, I just zoomed around Praetoria a bit and found a guy giving me a mission and went with that. I didn't even notice I had a mission to talk to White until Cleo was already dead.

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Do yourself a favor and look up the Praetorian zone you are in on the wiki. It will tell you what contacts are in the zone. And if there is a potential problem with other contacts, it typically has notes to warn you. If you don't want to go to the wiki, there are only 2 Praetorian outcomes to keep in mind. First, is deal with Cleo last in Nova Praetoria, or at least after you deal with Marauder/Praetor White. Second, if you intend to do both Loyalist and Resistance arcs in Imperial City, do Dr. Steffard's Resistance arc before Interrogator Kang's Loyalist arc. Those should be the only conflicted contacts/arcs.


(And you are likely right in the probability of the missions being able to be corrected for dead contacts. This is a very old game being run on a very old game engine after all.)

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6 hours ago, Rudra said:

Those should be the only conflicted contacts/arcs.

There are others.  I think there's at least one or two in each zone.  Several characters die that are contacts and/or people you are supposed to talk to during another contact arc.


If they are a contact, one way I've been able to get around it is go to Ouro and start the arc with the dead contact and TP to contact.  They'll then be there, then you quit the Ouro arc and they don't disappear allowing you to talk to them for the active mission.


Of course, this only works if the Ouro arc is available.  I think it will be in this case, but you might need to get to level 10 before that set of arcs are available.

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