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Time for a new Storm Defender


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I already have a Storm/Storm, and a Storm/Energy to lvl 50.  I'm thinking of making a Storm/Water or Storm/Electric or maybe both.  I love the animations in Storm.  The Storm/Water will be based around a bath type character.  Not sure on the name yet, i though i already had a Sailor Bubbles character, but i must have deleted her.  What do you guys think ??  Water or Electricity first ??

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-to hit in Dark pairs well with Steamy Mist and Hurricane

Thunderclap finally has a buddy to stack with in Dark Pit

Tenebrous Tentacles can keep mobs from exiting your Freezing Rain

Life Drain for a self heal


And most important of all


You aren't bothered by the Dark DoTs because everything you do is DoT


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