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Anyone recall a "CoH Poser" fan-made utility?

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There was once a java utility that attempted to take advantage of CoH's ragdoll physics and demorecord to allow you to generate any pose you'd like in the utility, then export it into /demo positional data for screenshots.    I THINK original author was Leandro, but that's just a vague memory at this point.

IIRC, it was very alpha, had some issues with the arms last I'd used it, but was still very promising- opening up a lot more expressions for those of us that made screenshot comics.  

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19 hours ago, Balshor said:

Are you still looking for this?




I recently ran across a mention of CoH after not thinking about it for a decade, and then I was even more surprised to find an active community and this post about old tools.

It is you! Heya!

It is something the community would love to get their hands on to be honest. I've installed your files from https://www.mediafire.com/?fnd3c86d6x1c1 but I believe they aren't exactly compatible to Homecoming's client. The demo launcher thinks the game is corrupt which makes sense.

 As for the Ragdolls, I have no idea how to make them work. Is the Ragdoll software something standalone or does it require the demo editor as well?

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Looks like the requireed CLI options have changed, which is probably why the launcher is giving errors.  That might be reasonably easy to fix, assuming that I can get my old code to build.


The poser tool was very much a research project at the point that I stopped playing CoH.  I intended to eventually incorporate it into the demo editor but ended up getting a new job (partially due to these tools!) and my priorities changed.

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