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Wes Shnabel stops giving missions at level 11 (premature retirement)


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This is a problem I've encountered on almost all of my numerous heroes. Wes Shnabel, a level 10-14 steel canyon contact only seems to actually offer missions if you are level 10 and no higher. Exception, if you already started his story arc and the generic Boom Town Security mission. Other then that he moves to the inactive tab as soon as you hit level 11. I think some of the other level 10-14 hero contacts have the same problem. But Wes stands out to me because I like fighting council.


ALL of my level 1-9 contacts have gone inactive. So there is no unfinished lower tier shenanigans preventing him from working


Level 10-14 hero contacts that seem to work fine are:

Athena Currie

Hugo Redding

Alfonse Rubel

Tristan Caine

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