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Killing time in Second Life


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I’ve been active in SL almost daily since 2005 🙂


Second Life is a Virtual World, not a traditional game w linear goals - so many who try it are unhappy with the wide-open experience.


I like it because of the immersive Roleplay experience that’s possible there and the quality of the player base.


I also spent large portions of time as an event DJ/Host and as my SL Partner’s #1 fan when she DJs.


Some RP sim pics:


A Red Light District

Midian City: The Twilight Zone


Vampires chill here

Midian City: The Cemetery



My character was a VERY bad girl - if you believe the propaganda

“Dr. Josie - Wanted Poster”


My character at her place of business (court mandated service in a VERY bad place)

Midian City Medical Center


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I would say "yes and no".  SL absolutely does have sexualized content, but also some very beautiful places - all created by Residents.  


I'll try to post some examples as I run across them. I have some shots already on Flickr, but those are mostly used as modeling backdrops and might count a "shameless self-promotion" 🙂

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18 hours ago, Starrflare said:

So this is a wintery scene from years past. I'll claim that it's not self-promoting because my back is turned 🙂





I like this pose. do you remember which place you bought it? Can't be Omi, can it?  I play SL. Mostly either myself or a Mandalorian and some various sci fi or fantasy stuff but I have been wanting to do a comic book themed character for so long. If you're looking for anyone to hang out with feel free to message me.  Well, I'm not sure how we'd find each other! I'm on Discord if you are looking for a Shimmer there.

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