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Power Recharge Timers are "pulsing"


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I'm not sure if this is tied to the last patch or the new launcher, because I had to switch to the new launcher as Tequila doesn't work anymore.

(As for why I was still on Tequila, the new launcher was previously bugged for me and wouldn't launch the game no matter what, but worked today).

Once a power recharge timer reaches the 10 second mark, the power icon pulses visibly. It does this again at 5 seconds, 2 seconds and 1 second.

This feels VERY disconcerting. It grabs my attention to the point of being borderline unplayable. When several powers do this at once, my brain goes mush.

Of course, I could just turn off the power recharge timers and play like before... But this is a nice feature, minus this new pulsing. Am I missing a graphic setting to turn only the pulse off? Turning "power animations" off entirely wouldn't do it, I need these.

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Tequila worked today, which let me pinpoint the issue by comparing old settings with new.

HC Launcher set my Recharge Timer Location setting to "Center", which is what causes the awkward pulsing. Having it back to "Bottom" removes the pulsing.

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