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Savage Melee/Inv


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Nope, but now I wanna make one after I finish leveling and kitting out my savage/shield scrapper.


Inv in general is pretty solid. Can get perma capped HP, capped s/l resist and decent numbers for the other res, softcapped typed def (except psi/toxic). You'll be sturdy against most things, leaving you to focus on the savagery.

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Briefly. Never got around to getting mine fully kitted out with an iSuite, but did play it at 50 for a while. Fun combo. Invuln is a classically solid set, and Savage has interesting tricks up its sleeve.


Invincibility is an interesting alternative for Gaussian's BU instead of placing it into Thirst. This means leveraging Thirst for replenishing Frenzy Stacks right after spending them, so you can double-up on that sweet radius boost in Rending Flurry. BT has a small damage buff compared to traditional BU, so, imo, its real use is for those stacks. That was my theory for pairing them, well, that and I wanted to build something that looked like one of those headless robot-dog-looking things. Headless bot with Beast Run sort of gets there. Savage made sense at the time. 😛 


You see a mousetrap? I see free cheese and a f$%^ing challenge.

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