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Are any of the launchers compatible with Chromebooks? I had downloaded the game previously through the beta trials and played just fine. Now, I am unable to install any of the new launchers to get into the game. Any help or advise is appreciated!!

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Simplest answer is No.  Here's why:

-- City of Heroes will not run on ARM Chromebooks.  They need an x86 compiler as well, not just Wine, and no hardware support for OpenGL. (OpenGL ES is a different beast, same with Vulkan.  Plenty of ARM processors with support for those standards but City of Heroes doesn't run on either out of the box.)  System Requirements still apply: no Intel/AMD processor, no game.

-- Linux support on Chromebooks is not a sufficient gaming solution due to being a Virtual Machine in ChromeOS, where any other OS runs it directly in the Operating System.  It will take a performance hit (amount varies per device).  Google's focus for Linux support is development, not gameplay.

-- Even with the 10-15% of Chromebooks that it can run on Google changes the platform for ChromeOS regularly.  People don't post how-tos on the subject (at least on here) because there's a good chance in a major release of ChromeOS it will break and nobody will be able to help you fix it. Even if it doesn't, you are always a powerwash, an accidental bump of the spacebar in Developer Mode startup, or a permissions error resulting in redoing the Crostini partition and wiping it anyway.


For those reasons, Chromebook support for HC Launcher isn't in the cards.  It is like building on a house of sand.


Unless you're proficient in Chromebooks enough to consider removing ChromeOS from the device and replace it with Linux (and you're lucky to have one that allows it in the first place) it is probably a good idea to find other hardware to play on.

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