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how about /kinetic melee


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i was wondering why ppl never talk about this powerset, found nothing here in the tank topics about it

in my perspective it should be a great choice if you want to be a full defensive, an invencible tank since it has lot of -dmg debuff plus ur high def and res


what you guys think about it? i think ill start a inv/KM and see where it goes

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I have a Elec/kinetic tank and its very fun. Very fast and punchy feeling because even though the animations aren't short they flow good and make it feel good.


I think it doesn't get a lint of attention because it just doesn't stand out good or bad.

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I've just started an Electric Armor / Kinetic Melee Tank.  I've been enjoying it.  Most of the attacks appear to hit the target, and also mobs with a 3', 5' or 7' of the target, but I find that that range is small enough that the attacks usually just hit the target.  But I've been pleasantly impressed with the apparent damage.

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