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So... my experiences over the last couple days have been such:


1.  Laaaaaagg.  Mostly to be expected with high server load.  I don't know how some people are saying it runs smoothly for them.  My movement has been very jerky and difficult to manage.  I don't dare try to team, as I'm positive my movement will get me killed in no time flat and I'll just end up decorating the foorls. I've tried lowering Ultra settings to no avail (and I did not need to lower them back in the day).  Seems very much a "high pop" area issue, as it does seem to disappear when I'm in an instanced map (movement is smooth and normal).


2. "zone" weirdness.  I'm getting a big black box over the screen graphic whenever I use a door or zone.


3.  Glowies in the Hellion cave (Habashy's 3rd? mission) don't glow or make sound. 


4.  alt+tab does not work.  I had to ctrl+alt+delete to get to my desktop, and that pretty much borked everything.  The "tab" that was supposed to be CoH was a big black nothing.  Had to quit it through the taskmanager.


5.  The last thing I noticed, was in the tutorials.  In both Galaxy and Outbreak you can purchase initial goodies including Ninja Run and Jump Pack.  Both of these can be slotted and used immediately in Outbreak, but not in Galaxy.  It was postulated that it might be working as intended because of the "level lock" in Galaxy.  Also, upon completion of Outbreak, you get 2 large inspies, whereas in Galaxy you only get one.  Not sure if that is wai.


Anyone else have odd bugs you've noticed but maybe not mentioned because of larger issues?... feel free to share.



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