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All these "Oh yeah" moments!


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So..figured I'd share a memory that may be worth reading, particularly if you're someone who has an odd schedule and can't team regularly with people you feel comfortable with - or if you're a role player of an obsessive scientist-hero or something.


While playing around with a new toon on Everlasting (cuz 2xp until Wednesday!) I thought I might save some time for me by setting up tp beacons in the sg base. Then, I got a bit carried away. I saw these things...Radiation Emulator and Linear Accelator...and then I remembered how I'd use these things to increase my perception for the PvP zones.


But, if you're a character who can't afford the better enhancements (or any!) then if you have the salvage, you can set these up for short-term buffs.

I can't remember if there's a cost...because I haven't enough salvage at level 7 to craft anything, and don't need any assistance yet anyway.


Just thought I'd share that. Some damage/defense buffs during 2xp time can only come in handy, right?


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