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Mastermind Pets not benefitting from Damage Enhancements


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Ok I just found a verifiable huge bug but this needs to get corroborated. I actually read a post along this line right after restart where someone was saying they thought their beast pets weren't benefitting from enhancements but I could not dig up that post; someone even blipped in and posited exactly what the bug was being caused by and I just kinda assumed it had gotten fixed but apparently not. I'm hoping someone can dig that up for a cross-link and additional information.


Here's what happened. As a level 2 mastermind I slotted Zombie Horde with a couple of the starter prestige enhancements. My zombie started causing knockdown and I was seeing damage procs happen regularly. ("Your might of the empire damage/recharge/chance for knockdown has knocked hellion flunkie on his tush" kinda thing.) In fact I slotted all 5 of the procs as soon as I leveled and could, and the zombie was doing his zombie punch for about 24 damage + about 6 from each proc that fired off.  I was seeing at least 1 proc in every other zombie punch so it was SUPER OBVIOUS. I hit level 6 and get the enchant pet power and my 2nd zombie. Suddenly not a single proc happens AND the zombie punch drops from about 24 to about 15. Now I know when you get 2 zombies the level of them goes down one but that seemed like a big drop. After running 2 missions (and I dinged in the second one and resummoned my pets so that level advantage was removed as they were now blue mobs) and scrutinzing my combat log and never ever seeing a single damage proc or knockdown proc I knew what was wrong. I dismissed my zombies, deleted all 5 prestige enhancements, resummoned my zombies and found them doing exactly the same damage on exactly the same mobs as they were doing before I deleted the enhancements. Keep in mind, 5 prestige enhancements adds up to 82% damage and well 15 x 1.82 = 27 damage which is right about what my 1 dude had been doing before.


So I find it weird this bug would kick in when I got a 2nd minion. And I'm wondering if I go on the test server and set myself to level 12 and summon 1 lt if that mob will benefit from procs and enhancements until I get a 2nd one.  Since the prestige procs work in any damage power they're an easy test.  What I'm really concerned about is if enhancements work when you only have 1 pet from a power then if anyone was testing for this bug using say the boss pet, your results were bad.


Oh and of course if this is happening for damage it might be happening .... for everything.


Followup: I hit the test server and did what I could. I set myself up with a level 12 zombie mastermind again and verified the horde didn't benefit from the procs in any of the prestige enhancements but the first grave knight did. Then the problem came up - it's level 24 to get a 2nd grave knight. So I had to change to a different proc and I went with Overwhelming Force, attuned. Well, it worked for everyone. The first grave knight at 23, when I set myself to 24 and got a 2nd the target mobs were going down on their butts. Then I deleted my enhancements and put the Overwhelming Force chance of knockdown in the zombie horde and it worked for them ALSO. But it is a different proc and attuned so there may be other things going on.

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