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Would be nice if /set_title (the Badge-setting slash command) worked logically

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Maybe I'm just weird, but I like to frequently change up which badge I have showing on my character at any given time. Some days I feel like a Dance Legend, other days perhaps a Happy Camper, still others I want to mark myself Already Dead.


But it's cumbersome to use the Badges window when you have several hundred badges to scroll through and you want to set a particular badge, but can't remember if said badge is an "Achievement" or "Accomplishment" or something else (very annoying for days when I feel Strong & Pretty, and can't recall which category that falls under). Also these badges aren't in alphabetical order, which also makes finding a particular badge in the window take longer if you have a whole bunch of 'em.


What I'd really like would be a slash command where you just type in the badge you want and boom, it is set. That is, I type in something like /set_badge "Strong & Pretty" and the game checks to see if I have that badge, and if I do, sets it as my badge title (and if not, doesn't). Could include it as part of a macro as well, perhaps associating a badge with a particular costume (e.g., /macro Celeb "cce 3 ccspin$$set_badge Celebrity" or what have you). There's actually a slash command already that kind of does this, called /set_title, but it takes an integer argument instead of a string, matching to the badges' internal ID number (which we have no way of knowing other than trial and error). So for example, with that, I type in /set_title 5, and the game checks to see if I have the badge with the internal ID number 5-- in this case, the Celebrity badge-- and if I do, sets that as my badge. If I don't have Celebrity, the game clears my badge title.


That's kind of close to how I would like it to work, but I would much rather it worked by matching to the string that is the badge's displayed title instead of a mysterious internal ID, i.e. /set_title "Celebrity" instead of /set_title 5. That would be much, much more user-friendly. Also I feel like set_badge would be a more logical command than set_title, but that's not as big of a deal.


(To be extra clear, I am talking about setting badges you have already earned with this command, not awarding yourself new badges.)


There are always potential problems when doing string matching I know, such as players not remembering if it's Strong and Pretty or Strong & Prettty, or if the game doesn't like the special characters as in Strong & Pretty or Danger! Danger!, but these are not insurmountable hurdles.


It is a small thing, I know, but it would be appreciated by many. Or certainly by some. Ok, well, I would appreciate it, at least. ;)

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I guess, if it doesn't take too much work.


I don't remember a lot of the badges that I have, so this would only be so useful to me and, I suspect, many others, especially as their badge total grows.


I get that most recent would be chronological order, starting with the most recent and working backwards as you go down the list.

And "nearest completion" should start with the one closest to completion and work down to whatever is furthest away.


But I would prefer they just alphabetize the badge order in each category to make searching for a specific badge (or something starting with a specific letter) easier.

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