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Thoughts on Running Dark/ as a Blaster, Sentinel, & Incarnate ?


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Long time vet returning....haven't done blasters in awhile. Used to run a Fire/Fire years ago, but hated the squish factor. I just want a sustainable damage ranged character of some sort that may have some ancillary perks so I don't get bored running the toon long-term as an incarnate. This thought stream may determine if I go Blaster or Sentinel.


I like the idea of a Dark Blaster for the following:


--ToHit Debuffs

--Controllish Residual Effects

--Sustainable Damage Potential w/minimum downtime

--Potential for top survivability as a Blaster with a good synergy

--Different playstyle than Blapping


Seems like it has a lot going for it, but then again, I haven't played an Incarnate Blaster, have no idea what the survivability really feels like at Incarnate levels, nor the damage output of Dark. Conceptually, Dark/ seems like it would fill an interesting hybrid niche as a blaster, but if its still so squishy at higher levels, maybe a Sentinel is just the answer for the type of playstyle I want.


How does Dark/ feel at Incarnate Levels as a Blasting set? What's the best defensive secondary to go for the synergy of all the -ToHit? Is it still /Dev or /TA for the +Defense? What about the instant snipe?


Thanks for any thoughts...trying to plan a long-term toon atm.

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With Dark primary its very important you choose the right secondary.  I ve made over 20+ alts into 40 +lvl range since returning  already.  One of my favorite builds  was Dark/Time at  first it was amazing but at top lvl it putters out  and plummets in effectiveness. With all the combos I ve tried  I wish I rolled a /TA instead. Playing my Ice/Ta its night and day the effectiveness of /Ta.


Dark/TA  I believe is the best well rounded Blaster. Very survivable.

Glue arrow + slow  = more control.

ESD arrow Aoe  Hold

+rech+speed,mez protection,+acc


Now even with the control and Dark -tohit you will not face plant often but spike will still get you.  What I ve learned from Dark/Time which has a good absorb shield  sustained is not a problem but +3/+4 Boss can out of no where sometimes spike me into red  its rare but it happens and mez protection is really helpful at top lvl so /TA will even be better.  Also Dark/ TA because you have mez protection you can go Barrier and never worry about faceplants again.  With Dark don't expect to put out damage like fire or beam. But expect to live a lot longer and  great aoe damage with light control and - tohit  helps  the team ALOT. Also Dark/TA might be the strongest solo pvp or duel pvp build in game.



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Great feedback--thats really helpful, thank you.


I'm still a bit fuzzy on the terms..Barrier? Is that an incarnate ability? I'm assuming since /TA has Mez protection, it frees you up from having to take something at that level that gives you some protection--so what does Barrier do? (I really need to download the new builder! ;P)


Several questions:


--What Dark primary powers do you usually skip assuming you have a fully IO'd out build? I see torrent is recommended after you put a KD replacement in there. Whats left out of the chain?

--Will simply running tactics plus some IO bonuses give you insta-snipe, or is that harder to achieve? I noticed Eagle Eye gives you +Acc and not +ToHit.

--What do your defensive bonuses look like once fully IO'd?





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Barrier is  a Destiny slot incarnate that pretty much give you def and res.





Can't really help you with IO build drop Dark/time at 46 for other combos beams dropping power stole my attention  but will probably reroll Dark/Ta or/plant (build up proc and aoe hold) after my Ice is done. I loved the color combos on dark, my fav  color is white for dark  powers they have a angelic feel great for char concept.




Now about snipe you can spec for it but it might change soon. I play 90% on teams so I did not spec for it and 1/3 of the teams have +allot of +tohit. I also have max acc slotting on snipe. I don't know if it helps but  at least it's accurate.


One thing about IO builds, most blasters can cap range def. I am sure if you search here and reddit you can find some pine builds posted.


Now eagle eye I have on my Ice  char so no snipe. I can tell you my Ice has no problem hitting +3 with no acc slotting

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