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Incarnate Powers Taken Further

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This is a repost of a thread I made before the shutdown, so some of the info and points have been changed/addressed. Also, just pointing out how CLOSE my suggestion for Quaker Judgement is too the current, new Mighty one :)


Incarnate Powers Explained!


(If you just feel like seeing my version of the powers, skip ahead. I am going to ramble)


Well, explained, according to me. Wait, no, not explained as such. Finished. The explanation for getting Incarnate powers is somewhat covered in game and lore, while the powers themselves are just acquired.

I mean....we get a Judgement, big damage aoe, but ‘why’? Other than ‘Oh, it is the first incarnate power and people like big bangs’ there is not much background. Perhaps the Lore set makes the most..sense, in that we are capturing and using defeated enemies from past fights. But when did we get to practice with a crystal ball (the power icon for Destiny) and suddenly get these huge team wide buffs?

Not sure.

But..I am getting off topic. The above, HOW and why we got said power, isn’t really my ‘job’. My job here, as giving to me, by me (hmmm, best make it good, firing myself would suck) is to finish off the Incarnate Tree of powers!

Why? Because I want to, and because, sadly, we will never get to see it in game.


The system itself..Incarnates..I think it was good. Good for us, and for the game. The most common complaint was that it was :

Too grindy.

Too Raid-y.

Too Team Centric.


While all the above are true to varying degrees, they were all work around able, again, to various degrees. The grindy element could easily have been ‘removed’ IF we somehow got 4 trials right at the beginning, for more variety. Of course, if that happened, it would have taken 6 months longer to come out. So..maybe it would not have been easy. What the system DID do well (I think), was avoid the ‘Oh look, the level cap went up by X, all my purples are shite now’ type of problem. In that regard..it really was good.

That said, I DO think the time just after we got Alpha, was the ‘best’ period of time I have seen for CoX, since I began to play. So much teaming, tfs, zones full, farming almost forgotten...a happier time.

The five other iSlots we got are all fun and interesting and largely effective. Also a chance for ALL builds to get some super doper powers, without needing to give up old, much loved alts, in favour of the new shiny (and costly) power sets.

Ok, I think I have blabbered enough. Basically..I like the system, I would dearly love to have seen it completed, and CoX full to the brim of super powered, utterly haxzor characters. Since it won’t happen, I want to see how the system could have ended, even if it is only how it ends, in my head.

So I am going to write up how the last Slots could/would/should have come to us. According to me of course. When, and do have one, I will try to explain my own reasoning behind a power or effect. And if I can’t..it will be SO. Just cause.

First I will quickly skim over all the Powers we have now, and how I would have changed some of them.


iXP Types.

Oh, minor detail. Regarding the types of iXp we have or might have gotten. So far it is Physical and Psychic for the first four slots, with Hybrid getting its own really super imaginatively titled..Hybrid Xp.

Now because I have no idea whatsoever of what trials were coming..I am going to magically change that.

So..Judgment and Lore....Normal Physical iXp

Interface and Destiny....Normal Psychic iXp

Hybrid and Mind....Advanced Physical iXp

Genesis and Vitae....Advanced Psychic iXp


There..problem solved! The later slots would simply need ‘more’ of that type of xp, so Lore would need twice the Phys xp of Judge etc etc. This removes the need to farm Magi just for ONE slot (well, perhaps and for Mind, when we got it).

The first Battalion Trial (which is mentioned in the Loregasm, as players stopping an invasion in the shard (why stop it?? Let the aliens have it, and DrQ)) would cover iXp for Genesis, with two additional trails, a straight up slogathon with the Batty for trial2, and an aggressive nuke the bastards trial for number 3, covering Mind and Vitae respectively.

Then Omega would be unlocked in the Final Battalion trial only, which WOULD be fitting (in a way that one trial for ‘only’ an Incarnate slot was not very fair, aka..Hybrid). Call it..Omega iXp! (Wow, I am so creative)


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Not much to say here, I like blowing shit up as much as the next person. That said, we DO need more of them, especially with the new Lore and Int powers. So I will give us more, powered by my Word Doc. Oh and..I’d make a change where ALL Alpha slot power attributes work on J Abilities, but only to a 20% max.

So having a Musc would buff them by 20% only..but having an Agility would lift the recharge by 20% too.

Cryonic. Cold Cone. Core/Extra dam. Radial/Hold, slow

Ion. Energy Chain. Core/Extra dam. Radial/Hold, recovery debuff

Pyronic. Fire Targeted Aoe. Core/Extra dam dot. Radial/Stun, radius

Void. Negative Pbaoe. Core/Extra dam. Radial/Damage debuff

Vorpal. Smashing large cone. Core/Bonus smashing dot. Radial/+Defense, max targets


That is the current version. Obviously the ‘stat’ listed first is the bigger one. We all know how they work. Now to add and fix them.


Vorpal. Lethal large cone. Core/Bonus lethal dot. Radial/+Defense, max targets

Vorpal sword guys..sword..sharp..lethal. Seriously. It does not smash.


Void. Negative Pbaoe. Core/Extra dam. Radial/To Hit debuff

Negative is a –dam effect? Since when? Its –to hit everywhere else.


Ion. Energy Chain. Core/Extra dam. Radial/Sleep, recovery debuff

No holding..we already have that. Make the Sleep a high mag, with a ‘writhing’ effect. Also, the power would NO longer be autohit vs every target. First target = auto hit (not in pvp) with each jump being able to miss.


Pyronic. Fire Targeted Aoe. Core/Extra dam dot. Radial/-Res, radius

Fire is paired with –Res in other iPowers..do the same here.


Quaker. Smashing short range aoe. Core/Extra dam. Radial/Repeat knockdown.

A smashing ground pound, like a Hulk attack. Radial would have multiple chances for knockdown.


Psionic. Psionic pet. Core/Psi dot. Radial/Wider range, Stun

A pseudo pet Judgment, with the pet basically being an Uber Tornado, with targets being flagged as ‘Hit’ after taking damage, and unable to be hit again.


Acidic. Toxic Targeted drop aoe. Core/Toxic dot. Radial/-Def, Minor fear

Picture Sleet, but a much bigger area, with huge toxic damage, -def, and targets getting scared.


Giving us the following..

Cryonic. Cold Cone. Core/Extra dam. Radial/Hold, slow

Ion. Energy Chain. Core/Extra dam. Radial/Sleep, recovery debuff

Pyronic. Fire Targeted Aoe. Core/Extra dam dot. Radial/-Res, radius

Void. Negative Pbaoe. Core/Extra dam. Radial/To Hit debuff

Vorpal. Lethal large cone. Core/Bonus lethal dot. Radial/+Defense, max targets

Acidic. Toxic Targeted drop aoe. Core/Toxic dot. Radial/-Def, Minor fear

Psionic. Psionic pet. Core/Psi dot. Radial/Wider range, Stun

Quaker. Smashing short range aoe. Core/Extra dam. Radial/Repeat knockdown.


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Cognitive. Core/Confuse, Psi dot. Radial/Psi dot, confuse

Degenerative. Core/-Hp, Tox dot. Radial/Tox dot, -hp

Diamagnetic. Core/ -Tohit, -Regen. Radial/-Regen, -Tohit

Gravitic. Core/-Rech, -Speed, -Rec. Radial/-Rech, -Rec, -Special

Paralytic. Core/-Def, -Dam. Radial/-Dam, -Def

Preemptive. Core/End and rec drain, Eng dot. Radial/Eng dot, End and rec drain

Reactive. Core/Res debuff, fire dot. Radial/Fire dot, Res debuff

Spectral. Core/Immob, Neg dot. Radial/Neg dot, Immob


Again, now to fix them. My main problem is how much obviously better the DoT types are. Damage IS best, and they do more than just damage.


Diamagnetic. Core/ -Tohit, Neg dot. Radial/Neg dot, -Tohit

What did I say about –to hit and negative?!


Gravitic. Core/-Rech, -Speed, Cold dot. Radial/Cold dot, -Rech, -Special

Again..cold dot, and slows. Seems logical right.


Paralytic. Core/-Def, -Dam, Smash dot. Radial/Smash dot, -Dam,-Def

If you are paralysed, something MUST be paralysing you..something holding you there, and doing Smashing damage.


Spectral. Core/Immob, Lethal dot. Radial/Lethal dot, Immob

Immobile, where trying to move makes it worse, with the binds cutting into you further. Cutting..lethal..sold.


Leaving us with the final list..

Cognitive. Core/Confuse, Psi dot. Radial/Psi dot, confuse

Degenerative. Core/-Hp, Tox dot. Radial/Tox dot, -hp

Diamagnetic. Core/ -Tohit, Neg dot. Radial/Neg dot, -Tohit

Gravitic. Core/-Rech,-Speed, Cold dot. Radial/Cold dot, -Rech,-Special

Paralytic. Core/-Def, -Dam, Smash dot. Radial/Smash dot, -Dam,-Def

Preemptive. Core/End and rec drain, Eng dot. Radial/Eng dot, End and rec drain

Reactive. Core/Res debuff, fire dot. Radial/Fire dot, Res debuff

Spectral. Core/Immob, Lethal dot. Radial/Lethal dot, Immob


















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Ageless. Core/End, Rech, Rec. Radial/End, Rech, Debuff res

Barrier. Core/Def, Res. Radial/Def, Res, Ally Rez

Clarion. Core/Status prot, full. Radial/Status proc, partial, +Special

Rebirth. Core/Heal, Max hp. Radial/Heal, Regen

Incandescence. Core/+Heal, kb, stun. Radial/+Heal, Stealth, Speed, kb, stun


I have no idea what other 3 things could be added, to keep up with the 8 Options per slot theme. Then all work well and cover pretty much everything. I think a few tweaks though..Incan being the ‘worst’ just cause it’s so fiddly to use. And people hate you.

I also think we could stand to have an Offence type Destiny. Maybe it is not in keeping with the slots theme (which is..not sure? Team buffs? Giving us more dam IS a buff) but hey!

Oh I forget. ALL destiny powers get a lower (75, 50%) value, for the caster. It is a team buff..let’s have people use it as one.


Barrier. Core/Def, Res. Radial/Res, Def

How does a ‘barrier’ rez people? No idea, but it’s silly. Also, swap the values..Core gives MORE def than res, Radial gives more res than def. Not both equally, since they aren’t. And not every build wants or needs both.


Rebirth. Core/Heal, Max hp mk2, ally rez. Radial/Heal, Constant Regen, ally rez

Fixing the max heal to be less shitty. More Constant regen, instead of a Huge burst of it, then low amounts. After the Heal the power gives, you don’t really need huge regen, right then. The power is called Rebirth..give it a Rez. Duh. Added bonus..if the Rez ‘hits’ someone, it will buff the personal stats for +hp/+regen, to encourage people to WAIT and use it intelligently.


Clarion. Core/Status prot, full. Radial/Status proc, partial, +Special

As it is, except to remove the Taunt and Placate resists from the power. They are not really a ‘status’ and this fits with a later power..


Incandescence. Core/+ Large Heal, aoe stun. Radial/+Moderate Heal, Speed

No more teleport or enemy kb. The TP just annoys basically everyone, and the kb then annoys melees, after they get tp'd. The core would give more –heal res to the radial. No more stealth to either.


Lethality. Core/+Dam, +Acc, +Taunt, Placate res. Radial/+Acc, +Dam, +Per

An Offensive Destiny. Why not..it’s a team buff after all. Core gives more damage as opposed to acc, as well as resistance to taunt and placate, as you focus so much on doing damage, you ignore anything else. Radial would be more Acc than dam, for the builds who want that, as well as a +Perception, as you miss nothing going on around you. Also makes sense (to me) because most melees get +per, and a lot of damage AT's take leadership (with +per) anyway. You are also a lot more likely (usually) to get taunted or placated on a melee. On the flip side, having no +per on a supporty type AT can be bad, as you go Blind, and can’t control or debuff. Also, their ‘attack’ powers are often much weaker, so more damage for them would be of less use, will acc would be great to have.


Safety. Core/+Intangible, +Chance for Phase. Radial/+Intangible, +Stealth, +Small chance of Phase.

Not sure about this but..Using the power would make everyone it hits Phase Shifted for a small time, while STILL being able to use all powers (how that would work, no idea. It just does). Then for the rest of the duration, up to 2 mins, attacks directed at you would have a change to go up against a Phased flag, and fail. The radial would have a longer initial phase, smaller chance of phase for the duration, as a constant stealth effect. This would give us a ‘better’ panic mode Destiny power, because all of them, +heal/regen, +toughness (def/res), +status rez, +healing, +rech (using our other powers more), +offence..they can all be Win buttons. But they won’t 100% flat out save you. That’s where Safety would slot in, letting you use it and KNOW that no one can die. Then to provide extra ‘not dying’ chances. Could use some work, could be utter twaddle.

So we end with..

Ageless. Core/End, Rech, Rec. Radial/End, Rech, Debuff res

Barrier. Core/Def, Res. Radial/Res, Def

Rebirth. Core/Heal, Max hp mk2, ally rez. Radial/Heal, Constant Regen, ally rez

Clarion. Core/Status prot, full. Radial/Status proc, partial, +Special

Lethality. Core/+Dam, +Acc, +Taunt, Placate res. Radial/+Acc, +Dam, +Per

Safety. Core/+Intangible, +Chance for Phase. Radial/+Intangible, +Stealth, +Small chance of Phase.


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Assault. Core/+Dam, +Dam stacks. Radial/+Dam, +2Hit stacks

Control. Core/+Mez res, +mag, Psi proc. Radial/+Mez res, Fear, Immob, Stun

Melee. Core/+Regen, +Regen,Res, Status, stacks. Radial/+Regen, +Regen, Def, Status stacks

Support. Core/End discount, +Acc, Dam, Def, Special, 2x pets. Radial/End discount, +Acc, Dam, Def, Special

Hmmm. Again, not sure here. They all work pretty well, and leaving aside the whole ‘always on vs semi on’ issue, they do some neat things. And, they do cover 4 of the main ways we want to improve characters. I think all I would do here is tweak the Control one, that seemed really lacking to me, and give it a +mez duration passive ability, in line with..Controlling.

So..Hybrid unchanged!


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Below is the list of lore pets, from Beta. It is pretty comprehensive, but of course there is always gonna be ‘some’ mob types that people would have wanted to have. So I am not going to suggest more..merely..

I like MMs. I like how they work, aside from AI going pants on head. It is unique, and while letting everyone HAVE pets is ok..I don’t think they should have been quite as good, or controllable, as they were.

For a start, it is always a Boss/Lt pet combo, no minions, like MMs. They get great all round def and res, on top of what we can give em, and they do HUGE damage compared to MM pets.

I can’t really be bothered to find out facts regarding their damage (other than SEEING them shred everything in game), so I won’t. I will just say..they should be a bit LESS damage than the currently were doing, and have their controls removed and placed on Defensive only, like Control set pets. It is meant to be a reluctant ally, summoned from past defeats..yet we can give it more orders than the personal pet other ATs use? Na uh.

Going to list the ones we have, with the New, Beta only powers at the end. Oh wait, no. I’ll just do it in game order to be lazy.

Arachnos. Core/Toxic Tart, Bane Spider. Radial/Toxic Tart, Fortunata

Banished Pantheon. Core/Ravager, Banespawn. Radial/Ravager, Defiler

Carnival. Core/Dark Ring Mistress, Strongman. Radial/Dark Ring Mistress, Seneschal

Cimerorans. Core/Praefectus Castorum, Centurion. Radial/Praefectus Castorum, Immunes Surgeon

Clockwork. Core/Dismantler, Builder. Radial/  Dismantler, Mender

IDF. Core/ Commander, Elite Ranger. Radial/Commander, Battle Orb

Knives of Vengeance. Core/ Assassin, Tempest. Radial/ Assassin, Guardian

Longbow. Core/Cataphract, Nullifier. Radial/Cataphract, Warden

Nemesis. Core/War Hulk, Colonel. Radial/war Hulk, Lancer Surgeon

Phantoms. Core/Spectre, Phantom. Radial/Spectre, Spirit

Polar Lights. Core/Polaris, Australis. Radial/Polaris, Borealis

Rikti. Core/Chief Mentalist, Headman. Radial/Chief Mentalist, Guardian

Robotic Drones. Core/Assault, Laser. Radial/Assault, Shield

Ruluruu. Core/Overseer, Bull Natterling. Radial/Overseer, Noble Brute.

Seers. Core/Augur, Diviner. Radial/Augur, Seeker

Storm Elementals. Info on Beta was wrong I think.

Talons of Vengeance. Core/Diviner, Harpy. Radial/Diviner, Siren

Tsoo. Core/Ancestral Guardian, Ancestor Spirit. Radial/Ancestral Guardian, Sorcerer

Vanguard. Core/Sorcerer, Sergeant. Radial/Sorcerer, Magician

Warworks. Core/Victoria, ACU. Radial/Victoria, Battle Orb


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In the Loregasm thread, one of the guys talks about how there were planning on making this a debuff/buff type power, similar to tar patch or accelerate metabolism. Hmmm..I see.

Actually..no, I don’t see. Checking the definition of the word itself..I get..

Noun: The origin or mode of formation of something.



Synonyms: origin - birth - rise - provenance – origination


Does that say ‘buff/debuff’ to you? And buff, come on..we already have Destiny aoe buffs, Hybrid personal buffs, Interface personal Buffs. We are swimming in Buffs!

But what we don’t have..are Debuffs. Aside from the small ones in Interface, and the moderate but short uptime ones in Judgments. So..debuff is it!

Now I really don’t LIKE the idea of giving everyone a Tar Patch power, at least not on the usual debuff levels and recharge. As well as being too powerful, the layered debuffs would be screen drowning, and step on the toes of support ATs, too much (yeah I know..aoe nukes step on blasters toes too..but we like making things go boom).

In my wisdom then, I would limit the debuffs to a max targets of 10, increasing up from single target at T1, with a 15 second duration (less than some –res debuffs, at 20 secs) with a value of -15 Resistance, and 2% Unresistable –res, stackable from Leagues up to 5 times. That would mean a team with 5 of them, and other sources of –res, COULD get the resists of a T9ing AV down..to Zero. Fun. And a recharge of say..um..2 mins again, in line with all the other Timed powers.

How to tie that in with the word itself? Well..think about it, what is the FIRST thing we have to pick when we made our characters? (I really hope it IS the first, I’m too lazy to go check)

The Origin! And what is the first power we get? An origin attack power. Sure, it’s piss weak trash, but it’s the first. As for the origin itself, it means absolutely nothing besides which enhancements we can use and which stores to unlock. And IO’s killed that off to a degree (which I think is a bit sad..ALL those So’s have unique names and pics..that is a damn lot of creative work).

Even though they removed the Origin story lines from Blueside, I think it is still important. And it isn’t the origins ‘fault’ the arcs sucked..they needed an update. Not to mention, the Origin of Power arc. So we have..

Natural, Mutant, Technology, Science, Magic.

Which, in keeping with our very creative naming conventions..become Natural Genesis, for example. Maybe with something added for spice. For anyone who cares, I pulled the names from the Origin definitions in my CoV manual. They sound fitting.

Genesis: Natural Ability

Genesis: Technological Gadget

Genesis: Mutated Awakening

Genesis: Scientific Wonder

Genesis: Magical Force

Now, for the debuffs. I looked at the ‘main’ aoe type debuffs in mids (for fenders) and came up with..

Tar Patch


Acid Arrow

Melt Armour

Acid Mortar

Enervating Field

Disruption Field

Slowed Response

Freezing Rain

Ok..Sleet and Freezing..same thing. Likewise with the Acid powers. Disruption is similar to Enervating, as is MA to SR.

Tar Patch, Acid Arrow/Acid Mortar, Sleet/FreeRain, Disrup/Enervating, Melt/Slowed


Ta Da! Five debuff ‘types’, to go with our Five Origins! Excellent.

Let’s match em up! I gave them each a ‘second’ name, just cause..um..I liked it? The other names are taken from common words used in that Origins SO enhancements and the debuffs I am basing each on. Somewhat.

(UnR res is Unresistable Resistance debuffs, as mentioned above, for Avs)


Genesis: Natural Ability

Military Acid. (Acid arrow/Mortar)

Target AoE. Core/ -Res, -UnR res(moderate). Radial/-Res, -UnR res (small), Smash/Lethal Dot.


Genesis: Technological Gadget

Wetware Destruction.(Melt/Slowed)

Target Chaining AoE. Core/ -Res, -UnR res(moderate). Radial/-Res, -UnR res (small), Energy/Neg Dot.


Genesis: Mutated Awakening

Catalytic Disruption. (Disrup/Enervat)

PBaoe. Core/ -Res, -UnR res(moderate). Radial/-Res, -UnR res (small), Toxic Dot.


Genesis: Scientific Wonder

Exposing Elements. (Sleet/FreeRain)

Wide Area Cone. Core/ -Res, -UnR res(moderate). Radial/-Res, -UnR res (small), Fire/Cold Dot.


Genesis: Magical Force

Joule’s Decay. (Tar Patch)

Drop Target AoE. Core/ -Res, -UnR res(moderate). Radial/-Res, -UnR res (small), Psi.



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So, debuffs, aoes, team buffs, pets, personal buffs, personal damage, personal buffs. What is left, and fits the bill? Mind to me..would be controls, mitigation, mezzes. Obviously some sets already have mezzes (I think we can all get a patron/epic hold at the least) in large amount, and this would encroach on their area...but..ALL the other powers do it to various degrees. So why the hell not?!

Similar to Genesis, you don’t want the Mez here to replace ‘normal’ Mez ATs, but still be good enough. Going along with the other powers, a 2 min recharge sounds about right, as this would fill in gaps in Controlling ATs mez powers, and be a nice panic/utility for other people.

As I recall..the Mez tacked onto Judgments is 10 secs, and most aoe hold powers in our sets are 15 secs, so a duration of 20 secs seems about right. The max targets would also have to scale from ONE at T1, up to 10 at T4 Radial, with Domination and Overpower having NO effect on them (same way you can’t get a Judgment Crit). Accuracy would be high at T1, decreasing a little as you progress up, but still never going as low as existing mass holds do (since we can’t slot it).

Core and Radial. Hmmm..Core I think would have longer duration, and perhaps a high chance of a mag 4 Mez (Judgments are..20%? I think, for their Mez). Radial would get some additional targets and a debuff effect in line with the origin/type.

I am trying to think how different versions of the power could work with our damage types. If its mind..how can we have say..a Mind hold that does fire damage, and a Mind doing cold damage? Perhaps it shows us keeping a ‘cool head’? Maybe Origin powers again, with the 5 different ones? Because NOT having extra effects (meaning the Mez is ‘just’ psionic) presents the same problem as Dominate, with no positional tag. And it is also boring to just have a Mind/Psi/Core and nothing else!

So I think I will fit the power into the Origins somehow. After all, a super with a ‘natural’ background, would see the world in a different way to a Mutant, and approach problems (even if the problem can always be related to ‘kicking some guys ass’) in a unique (ish) manner.

Obviously with fitting them into origins, you do NOT get a choice as to which you make. Does that make it a bit unfair and rigid? Perhaps. Maybe..an ‘Origin Respec’ could come into it, since again, Origin really means jack all.

No..wait. It does NOT matter. AT all. Some Natural character using a Mutant mind (for example) is just an extended Incarnate related ability, and shows how the person can use their growing power to bridge and cross into other areas and fields. Done, problem solved..and no annoying power constraints.

This power would also provide another +1 Level Shift, in the same way that Lore was a shift, after unlocking the previous, non shifty power. So you would be 54 here, with Alpha, Lore, Destiny and Mind.

They will also do damage, something that is lacking in AoE mez powers, and a –Regen effect, improving up the tiers, to make them useful on hard targets. This also gives them a type and a position.

Natural Mind.

Target drop aoe Hold. Core/+Mag chance, +Duration, Default targets, High Lethal/Smash. Radial/+Targets, -Def, Moderate Lethal/Smash


Technological Mind.

Wide Cone aoe Hold. Core/+Mag chance, +Duration, Default targets, High Eng/Neg. Radial/+Targets, -To hit, Moderate Eng/Neg


Mutated Mind.

Target aoe Hold. Core/+Mag chance, +Duration, Default targets, High Toxic. Radial/+Targets, -Res, Moderate Toxic


Magical Mind.

PBaoe Hold. Core/+Mag chance, +Duration, Default targets, High Psi. Radial/+Targets, -Dam, Moderate Psi


Scientific Mind.

Chaining aoe Hold. Core/+Mag chance, +Duration, Default targets, High Fire/Cold. Radial/+Targets, -Speed and Rech, Moderate Fire/Cold






A Latin word, meaning or pertaining to Life. My friend Google told me so. So..something to do with Life. No buffs, too many of them, no debuffs. Healing to death maybe? Nope..I think, another Passive power, working on our Vitals, our Life.

Looking at our life, in power form, we have the basics of...

Hitpoints, Regeneration, Recovery.

I guess you could also take it into things like Toughness, as it pertains to +def and res, but that seems a bit unfair to non melees that don’t have that, all the time. Whereas..we all always have the 3 above.

Hp and regen are closer related as is, and like the Destiny power, boosting one boosts the other (so I guess if you just wanted the ‘most’ buffs, you would pick hp, since that works for regen too) so I think I will have to wave my wand and say..

These buffs work on the stat and nothing else. That is..picking the HP tree will have NO effect on regen. How does that work? No idea. It does, be happy. Or sad, if you wanted it to.

The regen and rec trees also had a Debuff Res to that stat, while the HP tree adds Absorb if you hit your natural hp cap. I guess that would work with hp powers, so a regen using dull pain and hitting the hp cap ‘himself’, and then picking HP, would get Cap + Absorb, rather than nothing at all. And when/if dp wore off, his hp is no longer capped, so the Vitae power provides vanilla +hp.

This power would also provide another +1 Level Shift, in the same way that Lore was a shift, after unlocking the previous, non shifty power. So you would be 55 here, with Alpha, Lore, Destiny, Mind and Vitae.


Vitae: Body.

Passive, always on. Core/+Large HP, Minor Absorb. Radial/+Moderate HP, Moderate Absorb

Obviously, in the Regen case I mention above, picking core is pointless..since your capped. While the radial gives the better absorb. For say..an MM, who can get nowhere near his hp cap, alone, the Core version is better.





Vitae: Soul.

Passive, always on. Core/+Large Regen, Small +Res Debuff Regen. Radial/+Moderate Regen, + Large +Res Debuff Regen

It seems a bit odd, tacking the small Resist with the large regen. But this serves to stop ‘A Regen’ taking the power, getting more regen (his number one mitigation) and then making himself almost immune to being debuffed that way. Whereas the person will average regen, say a brute with decent hp on a non ‘regen-y’ set, could get some more regen, and since he doesn’t rely on it, a strong resistance to losing that small amount he has.

Vitae: Mind.

Passive, always on. Core/+Large Recovery, Small +Res Debuff Rec. Radial/+Moderate Rec, + Large +Res Debuff Rec

Similar to above. Stops someone with decent recovery taking the core, getting end better end, as well as becoming almost immune to losing it.  And the person who only wants some better rec, can also gain a good protection from losing what they have.


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Woot, we are here..the end of the road! The road to freakin’ awesome. I hope you have enjoyed my ideas and power suggestions, and that they sparked off some ideas of your own. In the meantime..this power WILL be Overpowered. Isn’t that the whole idea? And of course, we have to assume that EVERYTHING we got till now may have been invalidated by Battalion powers and coming Mob types.

This power is a click, similar to Hybrid, as passive would be seriously game breaking for all the content we have till now. Sure, it would be fun for a bit..but..

My main inspiration for this is the first Alpha arc mission, when we are powered up to all hell, and the Blood Coral mission, with similar effects.

I will also go into a bit of detail about why the power does what it does.

So..without further ado..



Tier 1. Form of the Omega.

Click Toggle, 20 sec Duration, 20 min Recharge. Max HP x10, +Rech, Rec, Regen, Range, Mez Prot, Mez Duration.

Yes, times TEN. One of my biggest pet peeves in game is how, even though we are a super god like incarnate being..a simple BOSS can have more hp than me. Not to mention a ‘normal’ AV, with 30k. And don’t even mention incarnate AVs with 150k. Hmmm perhaps 10x isn’t enough!

Regardless, the idea is to make US of a similar ‘damage soak’ level. As in..just take an attack for 2000 damage on the chin, instead of drop dead. It would work off Max and current HP, cause..why shouldn’t a Godlike Tank, have more haxzor hp than a Godlike MM?

So at 10x..you get an MM with 8000 hp, a Corr with 16,000, Scrapper with 24,000 and so on. Regen IS affected by this, but maybe to a lesser degree than it ‘would’ be, at the proper ratio.

All coupled with Huge mag Status prot, capped recharge and recovery, and 5 times Mez duration.


Tier 2 and 3. Shield of the Omega/Hand of the Omega.

Shield: Click Toggle, 40 sec Duration, 20 min Recharge. AT Cap Resist to all, +100 Def to all. Extreme Damage Melee attack.

Hand: Click Toggle, 40 sec Duration, 20 min Recharge. 2x AT Damage Cap, 20% Unresistable Damage, +75% of New Damage Total to all damage. Extreme Damage Ranged Attack.

These powers would be the first branch of the Omega tree, so you would make Form, then have the choice to pick either Shield or Hand, depending on what you want. A tank is going to have less need for capped res, when he is getting 30k hp!

The Shield caps each AT at their specific cap to Resist, and adds 100% def to all. The Hand doubles your AT damage cap and makes 20% of this new cap, unresistable damage. In addition, it applies a 75% damage buff, right away. So there is still room for those 10 reds you are carrying.

The powers appear exclusively, so if you pick the Shield at T2, then Hand appears at T3, and vice versa. The T3, whichever it is, extends the duration of the power to 60 secs. All 3 powers ‘stack’ with each other to, meaning at T3, you have Form, Shield and Hand, ALL in the one click power.

The two Attack powers, melee and ranged, would be extreme damage, around 400 like Judgements, and have a Recharge of 2 mins, when you get the FIRST one. Picking the 3rd tier (so both attacks) increases that to 1 minute recharge. This is when you do NOT have Omega Active too, so it’s a One min cooldown big bad attack.

As for the type of damage..hmmm...uh. It’s Omega Damage. Unresistable by anything. But it will NOT be buffed by anything, except having Omega Active. Obviously..when it IS Active..a unresistable extreme attack, buffed by The Hand? Whap.


Tier 4. Essence of the Omega.

Click Toggle, 90 sec Duration, 20 min Recharge. +5 Level Shift. Extreme Damage PBAoe.

Yes, you read that correctly. A plus FIVE level shift. Taking us to Level 50+10. Why? Because it would ROCK. Duh. And again, no idea what would have happened with the Battalion. But mostly..

Cause I am jealous. Going back to my comments on the x10 HP, the same thing applies here. Even though we are getting more and more powerful, there IS always something better. But..better in the game NOW. Not coming soon, not planned, but right now..when we are meant to be the most super awesome darn tooting super being there!


Of course, things like Cole and Hami get a bit of a pass, since ones the Wells Champion and Hami is well..um..yeah, a cheat? All those other Hero/AV’s though??! WTF. I am a damn

Incarnate people! Why does an even con Elite Boss version of Ice Mistral still use ice blasts for like 8 times the damage I can ever do? I call shenanigans.

Hence the +5 Shift. Level 60, double damage, huge hp, max toughness, unresistable damage? Fuck, yes. Cop that Ice Mistral.

That is also why it would almost certainly HAVE to be a click power. Having that constantly would explode things.

So looking back, we would be getting..

Judgment: Aoe nuke

Interface: Proc damage

Lore: Pets

Destiny: Aoe team buffs

Hybrid: Personal timed buffs

Genesis: Aoe debuffs

Mind: Aoe mez

Vitae: Passive personal buff

Omega: Uber haxs and attacks.


And thats like..everything I think? As well as an I-Attack Chain of a nuke, melee, range, aoe mez, pbaoe, and proc damage!


I hope you enjoyed my Incarnate System wrap up. I really do wish we had of got to see it all through. Remember..things worked the way I say..because..I say it. But if you have some great ideas for how something could have been done, share away!









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If I remember correctly in one of the Lore interviews, one of the Devs mentioned having a power that would kill minions just by being in close proximity.  They also mentioned that the Battalion would be level 100 or something very large. I am not sure if they planned on stopping with Omega, but the ramp up to get us to fight 100 level would need to be much greater than Phase One of powers to take us to Omega.

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