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Do Hydra-Os share a pool?


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So I've learned that Set IOs share a pool and made use of that (buying only Attuned). I believe I've read that Hami-Os are the same, and that Synth HOs are in that same pool.


How about Hydra-Os? Can someone sell a 37 Neutrino Exposure and it comes out the other side to someone buying a 50?

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Hydra, Titan, Hami, and synthetic Hami enhancements all share a pool but each level is independent. So if I want a level 50 acc/dam I can bid on any of the four and I'd get the one I wanted. Unlike regular IOs you can't have the market change enhancement level for you, otherwise people would just be running Eden or Abandoned Sewer trials instead of a Hami raid.

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