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  1. FWIW there's likely a nerf to Burn coming in the future so I wouldn't hold my breath on this one.
  2. I don't consider it a waste of time to take an AT that's outclassed by its peers and make it a viable option, but that's just me. You could compare Tankers and Brutes like people currently compare Defenders and Corruptors - both are perfectly viable alternatives.
  3. One way to answer this question is to compare both ATs as they are right now, and as they will be after this patch goes live (assuming nothing further changes). Pre-patch: short of a few fringe cases there's no reason at all to pick a Tanker over a Brute. The Brute deals way more damage, is almost as survivable, and is almost as good at managing aggro, and the Tanker gets... a mediocre, non-stacking resistance debuff on a single target that requires cycling their weakest attack to maintain. Post-patch: short of a few fringe cases there's no reason to pick one over the other. The Brute will deal more damage some of the time, the Tanker will deal more damage some of the time, but there is no longer a clear "this is the no-brainer better choice" problem.
  4. I bought 61 packs. I'm going to use the enhancements as I'm able but otherwise have set aside a bin in my SG base to hang onto them until prices go back up.
  5. Depends what your build is and what you're going to be using it for, really. There's no "one size fits all" answer here.
  6. Looking for the post from the powers guy a few weeks ago (maybe a month, I dunno) but basically Tankers will never get EA in its current form because it would be too good with Tanker values.
  7. I know you're not going to respond to this but I'm honestly wondering if you were reading the same thread everyone else was, or if you were in some weird upside-down one because none of what you said in that doozy of a post was what actually happened here.
  8. Posi never shows up in this mission. You have to kill Black Swan, click the glowie, and defeat the ambush that spawns. If you're running a second account through this mission the ambush sometimes triggers on the guy sitting at the door.
  9. The reduction in damage cap has had no noticeable effect in my testing.
  10. This may be true but from what I have seen prices have remained fairly stable since they settled out after the servers came up (you could argue some prices have gone down as supply has made its way into the system). The only notable exception I can think of is catalyzed winter set pieces, which was less due to inflation and more due to not being "bucketed" with the regular version anymore.
  11. I'm a little confused, I guess. Your proposed solution (seeding the market with drops) solves a nonexistent problem - multiple people in this thread have stated they've had no real issues getting the stuff they wanted off the AH. Now, if you're referring to the AH's sale history listings sometimes showing "no price history," then I completely understand that, but that's a different and completely unrelated issue.
  12. Ehh, not quite. When all you got out of AE missions was tickets, sure, you were generating a good chunk of inf but no real drops to go along with it. Here you're generating inf and drops, merit prices are cheaper/more items are available/converters exist and are practical, and there's a hard cap on how much a given recipe will ever be worth because of the inf/merit conversion rate. There were a lot of QoL changes on the secret server to accomodate a much smaller playerbase than live had and it's those QoL changes that are going to keep market prices reasonable.
  13. Farming was pretty much the only reason a supply of PvP IOs even existed. Their drop rate was so abysmally low and the PvP population was essentially nonexistent (PvP IOs were introduced in Issue 14, only four months after the previous issue's mass exodus of PvPers) that the only reliable supply of PvP IOs were from AFK farmers. The developers tried to curb that by adding in a lockout timer for the drops and all that did was push prices even higher to the point where there were at least two PvP IOs that had no supply on the market because they were being sold off-market for 3-4 billion inf each.
  14. Things on this market are dirt cheap and it's super easy to make inf.
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