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  1. One Scrapper if that, usually it's another Blaster and one of those three Corruptors is also another Blaster.
  2. The good news is this announcement has not changed your ability to do that.
  3. Seems like this is only for the Brute version, but its text description somehow got replaced by the text for the experimental version of Dark Consumption that never made it off the beta server.
  4. Hate to burst your bubble (haha) but values beyond the hardcap are still calculated, the game doesn't just go "oh you're at the cap, time to forget everything past that!" Example: a Tanker has 120% fire resistance, which gets capped at 90% by the game because limits but the game is still calculating the uncapped value. If that Tanker gets hit with a resistance debuff they resist the entire debuff, not 90% of it. Along the same lines, if the game capped my defense at 40% but I had 100% before cap, I'd need to get hit with 60% -def before I went below 40%. So no, lowering the defense
  5. Not really, you'll just end up with players picking up different power picks and slotting them differently. Besides, after several iterations of buffing Blasters because apparently they were too squishy I hardly think limiting set bonuses on them is in the cards.
  6. When "nerf defense" comes up unironically in a thread I like to refer to this post from @Luminara. The post specifically addresses defense bonuses but can be applied to defense as a whole and the argument is still sound.
  7. This creates more problems than it solves. If you nerf defense players will just find another way to get around it, and you’re left right back at the beginning. 45%, 40%, the actual value is irrelevant. This change would also make the game more difficult for everyone while gutting some support sets and epic/patron pools... for what?
  8. This is what makes Sentinels so frustrating from a design standpoint - they were so worried about stepping on the toes of Blasters that they kneecapped the AT out of the gate. In a solo situation that’s probably fine but in a team situation you end up with an AT that only brings damage but is outpaced in many cases even by Defenders and Corruptors, both of which are also acting as force multipliers for everyone else on the team. If Opportunity were reworked to not be so clunky and be more valuable to a team, Sentinels would at least bring something other than subpar damage. This
  9. I believe it was you who said Sentinels are a “utility” AT rather than a damage AT and I’m having difficulty understanding exactly what you mean by that. A Sentinel isn’t capable of tanking (where “tanking” = managing aggro) significantly more than any other non-Scrapper/Brute/Tanker AT unless they dip into the presence pool since their armor sets lack taunt auras, their attacks lack a taunt effect, and they don’t get a taunt power to manage aggro. They have a higher threat level than other ranged ATs (2.5 vs 1) but threat level is only part of the equation for threat generation. A Sentinel ca
  10. I think you are overlooking my earlier post(s) in this thread where I said something along the lines of "people can play what they want." I'm not in here trying to tell people to not play Sentinels, or saying that I would rather die than have a Sentinel on my team, or someone else's playstyle preferences are wrong, or anything weird like that. Those are all subjective viewpoints and I'm not here to change anyone's mind on those. If someone likes playing Sentinels, cool. My subjective opinion is Sentinels are boring as hell because there's little to no risk involved and you give up a lot for th
  11. I think another key difference people are missing is how trivial it is to make a Blaster approach Sentinel survivability levels most of the time while the inverse just isn't possible - the Sentinel's lower base damage, lower damage cap, and lower target caps mean a Sentinel will never be capable of performing to the level of a comparably-built Blaster when both are being intelligently played. Obviously there will be content where the Blaster will have a more difficult time in the survivability department than the Sentinel but that only matters if you ignore a player's ability to choose the con
  12. Me? Probably, yes. At any rate, a Sentinel would not be my first choice, or probably even in my top ten. I think the point here is Sentinels don't have a clearly-defined role on teams. They're good training wheels for people who are unable or unwilling to play a Blaster but that's all they are - training wheels. In an environment where the tools exist to make a Blaster survivable enough the extra survivability a Sentinel brings is rarely needed and isn't worth giving up the damage in exchange. Unfortunately Sentinels are stuck in this weird spot where they don't have the tools to t
  13. It is worth pointing out that almost every solo task force speed record is held by Blasters, and the team composition of 8-person teams setting records in that same content is usually 6-7 Blasters and 1-2 Corruptors. Also would like to see a Sentinel clearing at anywhere near the speed of a high-end Blaster build.
  14. "This set is better than comparable sets both on its own merits and when combined with secondary powersets, therefore it is not better than other sets." I'm confused here. On another note, here's some actual data on clear speed for each ranged attacks done by @Galaxy Brain which represents how a set will perform in more-or-less actual conditions encountered in the game. These numbers are with SOs only so there is plenty of room for improvement but adding IOs into the mix (specifically for global recharge which is what's required to make the attack chains you want) only
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