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  1. The values for procs in the spreadsheet are PvP-specific, as that was its original intended audience, so some things like mez durations may be different.
  2. Thanks for the shout out. I'm reasonably sure the PPM values I have listed are correct as it seems like the values listed on the Wiki were current as of the game's shutdown and the values haven't been tweaked since. Most of my leg work in putting that list together came from checking numbers on sets that were added post-shutdown or weren't on the Wiki's list, and then spot-checking the ones that were. I am missing some proc effects just because the way some of the procs work grants their bonus (+hp, +end, and the like) in a way that isn't easily viewable in-game.
  3. Well, every stream of this game that's happened since HC released has been against Twitch's ToS. Also note this isn't the HC team saying "don't stream," this is them saying they "can't endorse" streaming. As far as people getting in trouble for streaming, that'd be on the streaming platforms to police, not the HC team.
  4. Just went back and re-read the OP and discovered my PPM spreadsheet is linked here (fine with me!). As far as the PPM being vetted for Homecoming servers, I got my numbers by checking the information pop-ups for each of the procs in question. I may update my spreadsheet with a PPM calculator that can handle more than just single-target powers as the calculator that's linked in my spreadsheet is limited to only those.
  5. macskull

    PvP Bugs

    Mez procs as follows: Energy Manipulator (stun) - 5.3 sec, should be 2 Unspeakable Terror (stun) - 5.3 sec, should be 2 Lockdown (hold) - 6 sec, should be 2 Debilitative Action (stun) - 5.3 sec, should be 2 Gravitational Anchor (hold) - 6 sec, should be 2 Pounding Slugfest (stun) - 5.3 sec, should be 2 Devastation (hold) - 6 sec, should be 2 Executioner's Contract (stun) - 5.3 sec, should be 2 Razzle Dazzle (immobilize) - 5.3 sec, should be 2 It seems like the only mez proc that is the correct duration is the Triumphant Insult (stun) proc.
  6. Title says it all, mostly, but... one of the I25 changes that got snuck in kind of under the radar is a slash command to access an SG base via passcode. This command is awesome but can be easily abused in a PvP zone. There's already precedent for making certain powers disabled in a PvP environment (Ouroboros Portal) and for slash commands as well (/ah).
  7. So, just putting this out there - though you could make the argument that the ET nerf was because of PvP, you'd be incorrect. In the entire history of this game only one power or mechanic ever got a PvE nerf solely for PvP reasons, and that'd be Hurricane. ET got nerfed because of its insane DPA relative to every other melee attack power and because even though it had the tradeoff of doing damage to the caster, the developers at the time felt that wasn't enough for what it did. I also saw a post on the first or second page of this thread regarding changing PvE vs PvP animation times - only some power attributes can be changed with a PvE or PvP flag and animation time isn't one of them. It should be noted that I'm not supporting the ET nerf - quite the opposite. I don't like it either. The nerf took a set that was really good at only one thing and turned it into a set that's really good at zero things. The general complaints re: old-style ET animation in PvP stem from people who'd get two-shotted instantly by a Stalker using AS into ET when in reality all people really had to do to avoid that happening was simply move around in three dimensions because most people who played Stalkers in PvP couldn't reliably get an AS off on a moving target, and even if they could you'd be way out of range of ET if you'd been moving the entire time.
  8. Ice is good because it has plenty of secondary effects which give you more ability to slot damage procs. With the changes to the proc system (PPM vs flat rate) you can stuff your heavy-hitting attacks full of damage procs (Bitter Ice Blast and Freeze Ray come to mind) and boost your damage output that way. Psi is still nice because of projectile travel time so you can basically make 2-3 attacks hit at the same time which makes it harder for both your target and your target's emp to deal with. Regarding Plant or TA, it's a choice between damage and utility. Plant has Strangler (ranged hold which does good damage and can be proc bomb'd) and Toxins instead of Build Up which is nice because the extra toxic damage that's added isn't subject to diminishing returns like the +dam bonus would be. Tac Arrow gives you some really good movement control, net arrow, and glue arrow, which is great for disruption and keeping people grounded, but you lose out on the extra damage you'd get from going Plant.
  9. @macskull/@Not Mac @hell's punisher Fire/Psi Tank Ice/Bio Sentinel
  10. Temp's hold is ranged but it doesn't do any damage.
  11. Pulling the information from this Reddit thread. Probability to fire for a click power = PPM * (MRT + CastTime) / (60 * Area Factor) Probability to fire for a toggle or auto power = PPM * Activate Period / (60 * Area Factor) Most toggle powers have an "activate period" of 2 seconds while auto powers have an "activate period" of 10 seconds.
  12. 1. A proc will have a certain % chance to fire, it's not time-based (though part of what goes into the % calculation is base recharge + activation time and slotted recharge time). 2. Generally speaking, yes, though there are some exceptions. 3. Nope, a given proc slotted into a given power with a given amount of slotted recharge will always have the same % chance to fire regardless of how often that power is used. 4. Toggles and auto powers have different rules than click powers. 5. Recharge buffs (Hasten, Speed Boost, Quickness, etc.) are not factored into the % chance calculation so they will effectively raise your proc rate because you'll be able to use the power in question more often. 6. Each power the proc is slotted in will have its own unique % chance to fire based off the PPM calculation for that type of power.
  13. I get my enhancement converters exclusively from reward merits so there's no "sunk cost" other than my time in order to convert things to what I want. It's not difficult to make 200 merits in an hour or so, which will get you 600 converters, and you can do that every day.
  14. It wouldn't be so bad if it, I dunno, auto-loaded the next page as you scrolled down but I'm sure that functionality doesn't exist. Other than how... inefficient in terms of screen real estate the current software is, the only other complaint I have is that I can't use a php script as my avatar anymore.
  15. Updated: no longer available.
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