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  1. This is categorically false and this line of thinking is far more toxic than most PvPers. Some of the most knowledgeable and helpful players in this game are PvPers.
  2. I know all these things but what you're overlooking is that unlike every other melee attack, Assassin's Strike is interruptible. I can't queue it up and then have it go off as soon as I'm in range. I either have to find a target that is moving predictably enough (or not at all) and get the AS off then, or I have to be able to figure out where and when someone is going to land and be waiting at the exact right spot and moment. You'd be surprised at the number of zone Stalker players that can't even get an AS off on a moving target when the target is only moving in two dimensions, let alone three. Part of dealing with that is being mindful about the attacks you're using and where you're using them so you don't predictably plant (or use one of the several methods available to not plant at all).
  3. I would somewhat agree with your first bit here. There's not necessarily much skill involved on the part of those Stalkers but that's because you're making yourself such an easy target that there doesn't need to be any skill on their part. Complaining about Stalkers was extremely common both in broadcast and the forums when the game was live but a decent player knew that the best counter to 90% of the Stalker players out there was (and still is) to be continuously moving in all three dimensions. Stalkers can't AS what they can't hit and only the best Stalker players could reliably AS moving targets. That being said, it is players attacking other players, which is by definition PvP. Is it high-quality PvP? No, but that's not the point. I don't think PvP is dead here. I'd say as far as high-end PvP goes it's been more active more continuously than it was back on live at any point after I16 or so, and that's with an overall playerbase that's a fraction of the live population. This game's PvP population took a huge hit when the I13 changes were rolled out against the protests of nearly every PvPer and it never really recovered but that's a different story. It's also worth pointing out that the types of players that tend to exhibit the behavior we're discussing are also pretty bottom-of-the-barrel PvPers who aren't taken seriously by the PvP community at large.
  4. I wouldn't. I'll let the people who find that interesting spend their time on it for me.
  5. Based on the GM reply after my last post on that topic which said "Yes, you can PvP people who don't want to be PvP'd" I would interpret that as not harassment.
  6. Some of the PvE vs PvP powers changes depend on the target of the power, and some depend on the type of zone you're in. A single power can have multiple effects if it hits multiple combinations of targets - for example if I use an AoE on a player standing in a group of NPCs, the normal PvE effects will be applied to the NPCs and the PvP effects will be applied to the player. Not every player-affecting power follows the same rules though. Another example: if I get confused in PvE and hit a teammate with, say, Fossilize, it'll deal PvP damage and the hold will only last for a few seconds (if the player had no mez protection, otherwise it would not mez the target at all). If I use Clear Mind on an ally, it will give mez protection in PvE but if I use that same power in a PvP environment it will give mez resistance instead. Melee armor set mez protection toggles/clicks/autos also use zone type to determine their effect. Because of the way some of the PvP/PvE differentiation is done, it's not really possible to have open-world impromptu PvP because you'd end up with a mixed bag of PvE and PvP effects.
  7. Ugh that definitely wasn't a thing on live. You'd figure the warning entering a PvP zone would be enough but...
  8. I've got the OP ignored for myriad reasons but based on the replies I've read so far I'm guessing the post was something like: I want to be able to flag myself as non-PvP in a PvP zone because other people are mean and keep killing me when I'm trying to get badges or temp powers but I also want to be able to flag myself as PvP in non-PvP zones because I want to be able to have open world PvP a la Champions Online Regarding item one, if you don't want to engage in PvP just... I dunno, stay out of PvP zones? There's nothing that's required for the game in those zones, and for the most part the badges/temp powers offer a reward commensurate with the risk. Plus, y'know, unless you're in RV on Indomitable the odds you're going to run into someone who's there for PvP and not badge hunting like you is pretty low. Regarding item two, the game's PvP population is small enough as it is (the Homecoming PvP Discord has, as of this post, 1314 members) and spreading that population out even further reduces the likelihood you'll ever find someone to PvP against. The game already has mechanisms in place to PvP from anywhere at any time, and because of the way PvE/PvP powers separation works, it isn't actually possible to enforce some of the PvP-specific mechanics changes in non-PvP zones. EDIT: Apparently after reading the last shitstorm thread that got locked, you could potentially interpret some of the posts there and here as saying if a player is in a PvP zone and has said they want to be left alone (aka not engage in PvP in a zone existing expressly for that purpose) then you cannot continue to PvP, even if you're trying to get a PvP IO, and even if that person is the only other one in the zone. That seems a little ridiculous to me. Is that what @GM Widoweris saying? EDIT 2: Just for clarity, because I'm sure I'll be accused of being one of the types that sits in PvP zones and waits to gank someone over and over again... no, I won't do that. I'm like the majority of players who tend to go into PvP zones mostly for badges and accolades (unless it's RV) but if I see another player I will probably attempt some PvP. I might kill you a few times but I won't continually follow you around over and over and over.
  9. I don't think the animations changed when fast snipe changed. They were all 1.33s (some were 1.67s I think?) and they're still all 1.33s/1.67s.
  10. Apple has never been "actively hostile" to video games and game developers, what on earth are you talking about?
  11. Another useful link for damage proc scaling. Also my proc list and chance calculator in my signature.
  12. To be fair, Classic worked in every PowerPC-supported version of OS X except 10.5, which was released in fall 2007, almost six and a half years after the first OS X release, and it didn't work at all on the Intel releases of 10.4 and 10.5. Likewise, Rosetta (PowerPC -> Intel) was available for all OS releases for about six years, and OS X didn't drop support for 32-bit applications until just last year. The thought process there is that any commonly-used software will almost certainly be updated in that time frame and the compatibility layers are no longer needed because they add complexity. Obviously if you're using some kind of niche software or abandonware the story is a little different, but you can still run older versions of OS X that support those features in a VM (Intel) or emulator like SheepShaver (PowerPC) if you're so inclined.
  13. To be entirely fair, most of the "speed"-related Homecoming changes originated on the Resurgence server and were designed so the game would be functional and playable with a tiny population, and some of the changes have been toned down or rolled back since Homecoming launched. Take a look at, say, Rebirth or coxg, the highest-population I24-based servers, and see how long it takes to get IOs and incarnate powers on a single character. Even with Homecoming's population, the vanilla CoX experience would be downright awful compared to live.
  14. Also, Reach for the Limit is odd in that it uses PPM but I haven't been able to find exactly what its PPM rating is anywhere because there's next to zero documentation about how it actually works.
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