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  1. Nothing was changed re: endurance costs in the previous major patch, or in any smaller patch since then.
  2. The mez system still favors Dominators and Controllers, but the PvP system as a whole favors damage dealers. Even back on live during large-team PvP events with AT limits teams would run Blasters and Dominators but Nature is sorta overtuned right now so people started swapping out the Doms for Corruptors (Scourge is nice and having 1070 base HP instead of 1017 makes builds less tight).
  3. In an environment where even a one-or-two-second mez can get you killed, an eight-second one (before enhancements or other boosts) is indefensible. You're approaching this from an either/or perspective where the options were either to rein in blasters or nerf Dark Grasp when in reality that isn't at all the case. All outlier mez durations were adjusted - some were made longer, some were made shorter, Blasters got the +range from their snipes removed in PvP, and there's still been talk about how to approach Blaster balance. It's not like it's being ignored. AT limits (and limitat
  4. It's been discussed on the PvP Discord before, but most people lack the coding knowledge to make it happen and those who do have the knowledge lack the time and resources.
  5. To be entirely fair, the Dark Control hold was completely broken and getting hit by it was a death sentence.
  6. WTB the version of CIT a different server has so I don't have to guess which character has that random PvP IO sitting on it...
  7. People can make excuses for lower redside population all they want (zone layout, graphics, enemy factions, etc) but redside has never had a large playerbase. It was added over a year after the game launched and required a separate purchase, and then I18 put the nail in the coffin when you were finally allowed to create any AT blueside so the only real reason to play redside (the villain ATs) was gone. The live devs as much acknowledged this when they merged the hero and villain markets.
  8. Based on all available evidence the end goal would appear to be "offensive procs are less powerful than they are now." It's the how we get there which is significantly more up in the air and based on how testing has gone over the last two years I would not be surprised to see multiple completely different iterations of proc changes before they even make it to HC beta. The powers dev has thrown around many different ideas for how to change procs, so if there's anything set it's probably set in slightly damp sand rather than stone.
  9. You'd need to recharge to be about 13 seconds for GIS's DPA to exceed Ice Sword, even with a 12s recharge GIS is still a worse choice than plain ol' Ice Sword.
  10. Only way GIS gets better is by either reducing its animation time or increasing its recharge (which raises damage scale).
  11. My vote: leave the proc system alone.
  12. None of those really matter when you can take everything out before it gets you. Honestly Burn on its own is worth more than entire other secondaries in some cases.
  13. I assume we are talking about CoH here, in which case this has never been true even as a general rule. The DPS part, sure, but teams heavier on the buff/debuff side of things vs the tank/heal side of things have almost always had an easier go of most of this game's content.
  14. Fire/Fire Blaster. No explanation needed.
  15. Even if you increased NPC hit points across the board by a factor of, I dunno, ten, it still wouldn't make most mobs a competition. The mobs which are already difficult would still be difficult and the easy ones would not be any harder, it would just take longer to defeat them. It might make AV fights a bit more difficult because regen scales with HP, but really all it's doing is slowing down the game for no real gain.
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