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  1. Rebirth just did a bunch more asymmetrical costume stuff, specifically how patterns interact with each other, and they don't have all costume pieces unlocked from the get-go like HC does. On the surface it doesn't look any different but it significantly increases the number of costume combinations you can use. Trying to use HC costumes on other servers is not usually going to end well because HC has rewritten a good chunk of the costume-related code and HC's version doesn't always play nice with OuroDev-based servers because those are using the legacy I24 costume code as their base. One of the
  2. Tequila is eventually going to be deprecated and no longer receive manifest updates from Homecoming, at which point you'll no longer be able to connect to the servers and play. At any rate, the current launcher version is a "release" version, though there are still "test" and "MacOS" branches.
  3. The entire reason the other servers exist is fundamental differences in how they think the game should be experienced (veteran levels, incarnate XP/drops everywhere, P2W vendor, XP boosters, etc.). That's not something that can be resolved by something like "hey, come work for us now" unless you want a bunch of different codebases and at that point... why not just keep doing your own thing?
  4. It runs through Wine, which is running through (AFAIK) Rosetta. There are several people on these boards running the game on M1 machines and haven't reported any performance issues.
  5. If there's any influence on any of the current servers from members of the former dev team that wouldn't be public because that sort of thing would probably be pretty bad juju. I don't quite get what you mean by "the most organized" either. I'm also not holding my breath on any of these servers ever being made "official" and honestly I'm hoping that it never happens, because if it did it's more likely than not going to mean any server that isn't Homecoming is going to have to go into hiding, so to speak. Except it does matter. People wanted to play CoH again after seven years -
  6. Sorry, I'll clarify. I'm defining "competition" as "if a player has more than a basic knowledge that CoH is playable these days they know the server exists." By my count that's another three or four servers on top of the Homecoming ones. I play almost exclusively on Homecoming and dabble a bit on Rebirth because they do have some pretty cool stuff over there which I hope one day makes its way here, but if you think Homecoming has the lion's share of the population for any reason other than "it was set up by the same people running the 'secret' server and was the first public server out of the
  7. I wasn't aware that player count was the only metric that mattered for whether a server was operating, my bad.
  8. Defenders are fine, Vigilance is fine, Corruptors are fine, Scourge is fine. TL;DR: /jranger
  9. I don't agree - competition is a good thing and it keeps the HC development team from making hare-brained decisions that might drive population elsewhere.
  10. There are a small handful of players who stream but no one with more than a few subs/viewers. Positive Gamer was the only streamer with decent view numbers and streamed on HC until the initial streaming ban but then migrated to other servers and hasn't returned.
  11. Out of curiosity, why pair the Emp with the Brute?
  12. This channel just tells you when an event is starting and stopping. If you've logged in in the middle of an event you'll have no idea there's an event going on unless you happen to be in that zone. EDIT: As far as timing/rotation goes for zone events: Zombie invasions are triggered in a random zone whenever a team completes a KHTF. Rikti invasions are triggered in a random zone whenever a team completes an LGTF. Croatoa event has a 25% chance of triggering every 1-2 hours.
  13. Sure, that reasoning might work if the developers responsible for the change were still working on the project, but... gestures broadly
  14. Playing an MM in zone can get pretty boring because you're not mobile enough to pose any real threat and any player who is competent will just ignore you.
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