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  1. According to the patch notes posted on one of the testing Discord servers, most of the Blaster sustain auras that also have a debuff component will be suppressed when the Stealth power is active.
  2. You might like the next beta build patch.
  3. @Glacier Peak it's the interrupt period that is 10s, down from 15s (total activation is now 12s down from 17s).
  4. So, /ah does not work in PvP zones either. Would it have been possible to disable /enterbasefrompasscode in PvP zones only? Probably, but the fact they're not doing it should be all the indication anyone needs to tell them this isn't a PvP-based change.
  5. I think it had to do with the order in which the changes were made during the earlier beta builds. Based on some dev chatter in the testing Discord, there's going to be a future patch that consolidates some of the existing transport options to address the "there are too many powers in my trays now" complaints.
  6. Is there a difference between the STF and MLTF other than the name and the contact that gives it?
  7. Toxins being the worst Build Up replacement... nah that honor goes to Reach for the Limit now that Shinobi doesn't totally suck. At least in the case of Toxins you can slot a Gaussian's chance for BU proc so you get the bonus toxic damage and a build up effect.
  8. The game doesn't track where you log out from, it tracks where you log in. If you log out in the SG base, you'll log back in in Cimerora so you'll get day job credit for Cimeroran Citizen. You will not get credit for Monitor Duty since that requires you to be at a base portal (and the summoned ones would certainly despawn by the time you logged back in).
  9. Yeah, I was dreading the day the command went away, but the sum of these changes so far makes it tolerable. It's definitely not going to be as convenient, but I don't think it's A Big Deal.
  10. You need Patroller as well. There are many powers a player can use to essentially bypass travel time that already exist and they are being improved and new ones are being added. You're making a big deal out of something that isn't. I have been testing this for a while now, and with the options available it's very rare that I was waiting on a power to be recharged - and even in those cases there are usually shortcuts. Besides, this isn't the final version of these changes and there are improvements already being worked on. If you want your feedback to be taken seriously, you need to come up with something more constructive than "change it back to how it was" because it's obvious that option is off the table.
  11. There was some discussion on this in earlier builds. One of the goals was to give the teleport pool a mobility option like Hover or CJ and in that measure it's succeeded, but it's also a simple fact that some players take those powers to act mostly as set bonus mules which means the teleport pool in its current implementation isn't going to be useful to those players. I don't think it's a bad thing that a power can be taken to act as a set bonus mule - it allows for greater build versatility and using fewer slots.
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