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  1. If you're asking whether you are able to, the answer is no. If you're asking why you aren't able to, that's probably a bit more complicated.
  2. I mean, if that were to happen people would just do what they already do and use the arena vendors in Pocket D.
  3. I'm not seeing a problem here. The changes to PvP zones were made with PvP players in mind. If we're talking Siren's Call specifically, it looks there is one exploration badge/history plaque that might require vertical movement beyond what a player would normally possess.
  4. As far as I'm aware, the temp power vendors in Siren's Call have only been available after your side has control of the zone (and it's been that way since Issue 6), per the wiki: I'm not aware of anything which would have changed this behavior, but if you find the vendor isn't available when your side is controlling the zone it might be worth filing a bug report.
  5. I think there have been several similar changes but they're missing from the patch notes. I'm of the opinion if a power requires a target it should be treated as a single-target attack for PvP damage formula reasons because with very rare exceptions you'll never hit more than one player at a time.
  6. There were Excelsior kickball (pick-up team stuff) nights on Mondays until a couple months ago but they stopped due to lack of interest. In my recent experience the only PvP that happens on Excelsior is the occasional stuff in Recluse's Victory, usually when someone forms a pillbox/AV/badge team and a few people hop on the other side to make things more interesting.
  7. I didn't take the time to count but if I had to estimate it's probably somewhere between 3-4 billion. I don't think I've hit the inf cap yet on any character because I tend to spend it, but there was a point in summer 2019 where I was approaching it on my main and then accidentally lost 1.5 billion thanks to an extra zero.
  8. That's true, on a Defender it's 216.25% mez resistance at level 50 which is roughly equivalent to cutting mez down to 1/3 duration. Granted there are still some NPC mezzes which will still last a long time even with that (looking at you, Malta stun grenades), but most NPC mezzes do not last that long.
  9. If the rub with the RoP duration nerf is mostly to do with the status effect protection and not with the resistance, then yes - it stands to reason those support sets with access to self-affecting mez protection would not value RoP as much.
  10. Of those ten sets, five give mez protection to the player while solo (admittedly Elec's is a bit clunky and TA's won't be up all the time when moving at a decent clip, but that still leaves three).
  11. I have to wonder if the players insisting RoP is the only way they can get mez protection other than incarnates or amplifiers are aware of the existence of support powersets. Specifically, 10 of the 16 support sets give mez protection in some form. It's almost as if the devs intentionally made mez in this game a binary system and then gave four archetypes powersets which were capable of making mez a non-issue on a team.
  12. This is not a bug, Taser ignores changes to range (from bonuses or enhancements).
  13. Combat logs are just another chat tab. You can set up time stamps to the nearest minute or second, but anything more than that isn't possible.
  14. This might do what you're looking for.
  15. Check and see if you're in PvP mode, seems the most likely culprit here.
  16. Even if you could raise the inf cap, what would the point be? It might have made sense back on live when there were certain enhancements that would regularly sell off-market for 3-4 billion inf, but these days even the most ridiculously high-end builds aren't more than 500 million or so and you can store inf in global email so it's not like the character inf cap is an actual limit anyways.
  17. Someone needs to take a look at what "slightly" means in the case of Evasive Maneuvers, its bonus to fly speed was cut almost in half in this patch while Fly only gained about a 5% boost.
  18. I'm not entirely sure I follow your argument: you're saying a team that's trying to group up mobs is going to get pissed off by a power that groups up mobs? It seems to me the correct response to this situation by any melee character who wasn't running around with their pants on their head would be to simply... go to the Singularity and let the mobs come to them.
  19. Except the actual hard facts don't support your opinion: from the most recent publicly-released data on pool power usage, across all levels there were 182,678 characters with Fly and only 18,983 with Afterburner. For those keeping track at home, that's 10.4% of Fly users who also had Afterburner. If you're only looking at level 50 builds those numbers shift a bit - 17,435 characters with Fly and 6,140 with Afterburner, or about 35%. In other words, if you were to pick a character with Fly at random odds are very good that character would not have Afterburner.
  20. A team that is able to steamroll +4 content will have no problem at all steamrolling +5 content. The way powers in this game scale based on level difference ensure higher-level enemies aren’t actually any harder for those teams, rather the engagements are just longer because your attacks do so little damage.
  21. Yo buddy April 1st isn't until next week, you okay?
  22. I'm not sure what exactly OP is trying to accomplish. The game already offers options to significantly increase difficulty, one just has to 1) know these options exist and 2) use them. Go run +4x8 repeatables in Firebase Zulu. Limit your team size to 3 or 4 people and run at +4x8. Solo a blueside respec trial at max difficulty. Enable the task force/flashback difficulty options. Exemplar down and go fight up-leveled enemies. Try new things, like seeing how well you can solo large spawn sizes on a FF/AR Defender or something. There's no reason to nerf everyone else because you aren't using the
  23. You do realize that in order to hit these new higher speeds a Super Speed user will now have to shuffle slots around to actually hit the cap, right? This isn't a zero-sum game where you're magically at the speed cap the second you turn on the power.
  24. But Force of Will does not get Combat Jumping (or anything even close to it) and it's that power alone that's keeping me from ever really considering Force of Will over Leaping. I realize I'm not everyone here which I why I think your suggestion about Acrobatics is a good direction to take things.
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