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A way to make "lower tier" favorites?


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Okay, I'm working on an AE mission, and for the final mission, I want a Warhulk to show up. HOW EVER, I'm like lvl 10 and they are like lvl 30 minimum.

Isn't there a way to like, lower down their level, so I can have like a "Mini Warhulk" ?


OR.... will the mission scale me up?

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I'm not absolutely sure on this, but I believe you can have higher-level enemies spawn at lower levels, if you manually set the level of the mission to below that of the enemy.  HOWEVER, at one time said enemy would spawn at the max level of the mission; so if, for example, you put a level 45 enemy in a level 30-40 mission, the enemy would be level 40, even if a level 32 character was running the mission.  I'm not sure if that got fixed or not, so if you try to do this, make sure you test with a character below the max level of your mission.


Also, the Warhulk will be a Warhulk, with all of a Warhulk's powers, so it will be a challenge for a level 10 character.

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