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Dark Armor. Help!!! Please


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Conceptually I love Dark Armor.  I tried it back in the day and it just did not give me what I wanted


I have done nothing but alt since the game is back up so... Dark Melee Dark Armor Brute


Good news. Played for 5 or 6 hours and hit 25. I ran him in 4 DFBs while running each mayhem up to Sharkheads first mayhem. I ran 2 DiB and got all those badges. I picked the End and Acc bonuses.


The bad news. Worst Posi 1 I ever was in. 1:37 minutes. It was just stupid at the end. I did a Posi 2 after clearing a Mayhem. It was not horrid but not smooth. They had it set at +2 levels and that of course slowed everything down. Oh well at least my morning task forces went great Posi 1 and 2 Synapse and yin all on last alt the dark/will brute now parked at 38. Earned almost two hundred merits on that build in a couple days


Struggling with enhancing the Dark. Currently putting nearly all my slots into armor. I have gathered my best enhancers. All 12 of them and started buying a few more. But they are good ones. 4 Brute ATO in my tier 1 attack. Regen and End procs in healing. Glad shield and armor +3 res and +3 def. univ travel kB prot. And that is mostly it. A couple other ransoms that may stay


Of course it is squishy. The heals are great if you are not in a shadow maul animation when everyone decides now is the time to kill the DA in the room. I regularly flee like a Sentinel especially in the last mission of Posi 2. Did not die there. But ran away cooked 4 times at least


Theft of essence for dark Regen?


Also the mez prot seems less than I am used to with Inv and will. Can that be fixed with enhancers?


Thanks for any tips



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DA is lets be honest poo at low lvls. i have 1 and it was a struggle to get max lvl . slot end reduce use a kb prot and theft proc. push past it. get to the 40s it gets better i promise. and once fully slotted with the right build its a beast with the best heal in the game.

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At 32 now.  I am pretty broke in the new game. Been back on almost 2 months. Invested nearly everything I got into this build. +3 res def 2 kB procs 4 Brute ato in tier 1 attack dark Regen frankenslotted 3 theft of essence and 3 Nicky’s. A kismet +acc. Numina Regen tissue. Etc blah blah blah. 


At 32 with all this on it is very playable. Have very little slotting in attacks because toggles are taking all slots.  Still it is starting to be fun. Will keep on it

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11.5 hour work yesterday so very little gaming. Did get a SF and beat Dumay. Level 35.  Still almost no attack slots.  Started soloing Ghost Widows arc. Set at -1 for speed (I have been doing Mayhems all the way through). The PBAoE toggle confuse is impressive to me right now. Not sure if it’s effects on tougher mobs and more peeps but for a minimal Self damage it motivates a ton of incoming attacks. Which does not help Fury but I have the +Fury ATO in my tier 1.


In easy environments I use the PBAOE +heal and the PBAoE +end as attacks instead of bar management. Usually right after my PBAoE +buff. It is a cheesy little chain that added with my toggles can really soften up mobs.


In tough Environment (the first few missions in last nights SF were +4) Darks ability to chose how much agro it gets is very nice. At these levels it is almost surgical. Doubt it will be that smooth in Itrials

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