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Epic pool choice for TW/Bio?


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Hi everyone!  Long time lurker, first time poster!


Ive recently been working on my sole toon, a now 41 TW/Bio scrapper.  Ive been using Kaledin's build as a guide, and I've been having a blast!  I never got this far with a scrapper on Live (I don't alt much, was a AR/Dev on live) so haven't had much experience with Scrappers or their epic sets.  So, to my question.  I was looking through the epic/ancillary pools, and found I can't really decide what set suits me.  I've been thinking Darkness or Soul Mastery or possibly Leviathan (even though its not really in my theme).  Darkness seems to have nice debuffs and control along with cones which seems like it would work well with TW.  Soul is largely the same with a snipe which might be handy.  Leviathan seems to have good control too.


Would I be gimping myself by taking any of these power sets?  Does one stand out that posses a synergy I'm not seeing at a casual glance?  Not necessarily looking to powergame, but synergy is always nice!


Thanks in advance for your time!


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I usually take Caltrops if nothing else from the epic pool powers.  It adds an extra get-out-of-trouble button: I have a target_name self macro that puts the caltrops at your feet. 

Especially as /Bio, you'll want the ability to persuade excessively friendly mobs to go stand somewhere else.  Caltrops gets it done in one. 


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I went with Soul.  I ise the Snipe to pick off runners or for tough pulls (though it doesnt pull just one out of the crowd, the target I hit usually starts running -first-, and the long distance they have to run seems to break the crowd up some.  I can single-target down the ones in front and then geometry gather the rest for AOE.  Helps with Banished, Arachnos, IDF - the tough groups)


Similarly, I took the short duration +DEF to push my DEF well past softcap for bursts - usually to mitigate an alpha strike DEF debuff situation.  By the time the bonus wears off, I have usually cut the amount of incoming debuff to a survivable point.

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