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Help assembling a Rad/Rad?


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So back in 2012, when I heard the Radiation sets were coming, I got very excited and specced out a rough draft of a Rad/Rad tanker.  Here we are seven years later, I want to take the beginnings of that work I did, and rebuild it into a Brute.  I have just a rough outline of a plan, so I don't miss something obvious as I level. I'll obviously need to rejigger some choices to earlier/later levels, to accommodate the Primary/Secondary swap.  For now, I'm just looking to make something that will work with SOs and Common IOs.  A Set-Piece monster can come later.


If you've played Rad/Rad, and have some thoughts on what order to take what levels, I'm all ears.  Thanks!


(I didn't include any info about what levels I slot things.  I figure as long as I keep aware to not give something more slots than I'd planned on, I can just go by feel on that part.)




EDIT: I did a little jumbling around of the order, I think I've got something that can work. LMK if you got any constructive feedback.


Rad/Rad Brute build:

1. Alpha Barrier: End/Res/Res/Res

1. Contaminated Strike: A/E/D/D

2. Radiation Smash: A/E/R/D/D

4. Proton Sweep: A/E/R/D/D/R

6. Fly: FltSpd

8. Radiation Siphon: A/E/R/D/D/H

10. Fallout Shelter: End/Res/Res

12. Proton Armor: End/Res/Res/Res

14. Gamma Boost: H/H/E

16. Rad Therapy: A/A/E/R/R/H

18. Fusion: R

20. Beta Decay: E/E/THD/THD

22. Combat Jumping: J

24. Taunt: T

26. Devastating Blow: A/E/R/D/D/R

28. Particle Shielding: R/R/E/H/H

30. Boxing: A

32. Atom Smasher: A/E/R/D/D/R

35. Ground Zero: A/E/R/D

38. Meltdown: Rchg/Rchg/Res

41. Focused Accuracy: E/E/E/THB/THB

44. Laser Beam Eyes: A/E/D/D

47. Physical Perfection: H/H

49. Tough: E/R/R


Swift: R

Hurdle: J

Health: H/H

Stamina: E/E/E

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