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  1. Thanks so much for replying. Your response seems to be about what I'd have expected. When I get on my home PC I'll definitely take a look at that build; I really appreciate the look at your build. Have a great day!
  2. Hey folks, So I'm finally getting around to a */Time Blaster (she's Fire Primary). One question I have, it seems like the whole set has effects that depend on the special Statuses applied by the T1 and the Build Up (I want to say it's Delayed and Accelerated). Silly question, the De/Buff set also applies Statuses by those same names. Will they also provide the additional effects, or did the HC team just reuse the names but they're different things under the hood? Thanks for your time, have a great day. Generator
  3. Somewhere on one of my servers I have an Ice/Martial Blaster I ought to get back to. He was fun.
  4. Thanks. To be sure, I get Sovera's point that it might not be worthwhile. Really I just wanted to make sure it would even work before I worried about if it would be worth doing. Interesting that the Heal proc would work too (Power Transfer, right?), I'd have worried that Murphy's Law was in effect and it was gonna heal the mobs instead of me. 🙂 Thanks and have a good one.
  5. Hey guys, If one puts the Energy Manipulator Stun proc piece into Chain Induction, does anyone know whether the stun will trigger on multiple guys? I've heard it will from the Winter set's Hold proc, just wanted to see if it will for this one, too. Thanks!
  6. Hi, so I managed to get myself this error. What'd I do, and how do I fix it? EDIT: whatever I did, an uninstall/reinstall fixed it. /shrug
  7. Thanks, that's kind of how I figured that goes. On my Blasters, I favor the Sustain options that are "set it and forget it".
  8. If Voltaic Sentinel lasted longer it'd be worth it, but having to cast it every minute gets aggravating quickly, IMO. Powexec_location at least made it less painful to use but it's still too much.
  9. Generator


    Hey, So I've got a build concept that would work well as an Ice/Martial Blaster. Anyone got any advice on the pairing? I don't think I've tried MC before. Later, Generator
  10. Hi, is this a bug, or just a feature gone horribly wrong?
  11. I had an extremely similar issue yesterday (different file but same message). I solved mine by specifically saying "Run as Administrator," I hope that helps.
  12. Hi there, So I got the 3.0 version of Mids running, but it's doing this weird thing where when I make a new build, every time I place another slot, it takes all the slots I've already placed and auto-arranges them. This is more than a little annoying. Is it a feature or a bug? If the former, how do I stop it? Thanks, Generator
  13. EDIT: never mind, I fixed my issue by doing "Run as Admin". Rookie mistake! 🙂
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