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SS/Invul. The art of Smash


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So I spent all Friday night and all day Saturday soloing Blueside arcs on my brand new Dark/Invul. Level 14. Tons of badges and merits. It was two AM Sunday and I am going to sleep reading the boards. People are talking about dodging SS Rage crash and not taking Unstoppable on Invulnerability. My mind nearly explodes. Are they crazy?


I am not going to even give the arguments merit. My first three 59s on live we’re SS/Invul. With single origin enhancers. The build ROCKS.


So I got back up. An hour creating my character. A bodybuilder who got addicted to Superdine then turned into a zombie then cured from that by Crey with an experimental version of magically altered Superdine. Or maybe that stuff the freaks use Excelsior. Yeah I like that  I am spitballing here. He flunked out of Arachnos training due to anger issues became rogue. Ran Blueside content for an hour. Went too bed. Got up and grind grind grind all day Sunday mostly Blue TFs. Ending PI radios for a couple levels. Level 40 in one day


He has Rage. He has Unstoppable. I stripped some cash and enhancers to do it but he is 3/4 I/O with solid sets. Not optimal because as I was grinding I got hyperstrike s build guide mixed up with another posters and have makos bite in KO blow and other oddness. I can afford 80% of a fully pimped build at 50 with him.in. He will be my 2nd 50 on homecoming  I have not run 50 content on my 1st. Just started alting again. I can tell I will be rolling incarnate stuff with this guy. Grinding cash and incarnate powers


Switched him to Vigilante and will grind on. SMASHING

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