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Who do I talk to about running a server? I'd like to contribute!

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I've worked in tech the last decade or so and have extra resources and time to devote to running a high capacity dedicated Coh server to contribute to the cause.  I can put up multiple servers in any number of regions that may be needed.


PM me if this can be done. Thanks



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That's a good place to start, I think.  Probably what you need is to get on Discord and start talking with people there, but there are links on the OuroDev web site to help you do both.


If you're asking to host a Homecoming Server, I would not presume to speak for them but they have set up hosting of their servers themselves and aren't asking for help, so far as I know.


There are any number of small public and private servers out there.  Here's an out-of-date article about them:




Mostly I know that the Pleiades server kind of imploded and no longer exists.  the /coxg (4chan) server is around and doing some really crazy stuff, check out this link to what's on their test server at the moment:




I know multiple private servers exist, I was invited to at least two of them -- one where a friend is a GM, and there's maybe 15 or 20 people total.  :/  Another friend linked me to the web site for another where you can six-slot every power you have, and run an attack chain of all snipe attacks.  So... yeah, that's a thing.  You can do whatever you want on your own server I guess.


Hope that helps.

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Mostly I know that the Pleiades server kind of imploded and no longer exists.

No longer true, unless they shut down again in the last month or so. Other than that, most/all of what you said is accurate, at least the ones that I can verify (like I can't verify the private servers part other than to say that they definitely exist because people on the CoH subreddit are asking questions about hosting them fairly often). But you also missed a)the fact that Rebirth (not Reborn, which is the other name for Pleiades) exists, and b)the fact that (for anyone who isn't familiar with what the formatting of the name means) /coxg/ is the 4chan server, which means that it's most likely either a)overrun with racists, sexists, ableists, and people 'pretending' to be those 'for the meme' (but not realizing that  if no one else knows that you're pretending, it's literally only funny to you, or in some cases not actually pretending at all and using 'for the meme' as a shield to hide behind if they get called out), b)all-but-completely unregulated, for better or worse, or c)both.

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