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  1. 117 - Character Respec 45 - Avalanche Accuracy/Damage/Recharge 53 - Blistering Cold Accuracy/Damage/Endurance/Recharge 8 - Edurance Imbuement Team Inspiration
  2. Holiday events happened on the SCORE server, they will happen here as well. We just happened to start this server up right when there is a long stretch of no official holiday events... unless you count the summer blockbuster I guess...
  3. Yes, it only works for soldiers of arachnos. No idea why it’s in the costume creator. People have complained. Also FYI, once you’ve chosen to be a crab spider instead of a bane spider, you can never create a costume without the crab backpack, I understand. Even if you respec back to a bane spider. People have complained.
  4. Realistically I'd vote "no preference" but since that's not an option, I didn't vote. I probably use the closer ones more frequently, but I just use whichever I wind up in front of.
  5. https://paragonwiki.com/wiki/Enhancement_Sets The Enhancement Sets page on Paragowiki should list most sets and levels by type, so that can be very helpful to determine what can convert into what. Mind you it lists PvP and Winter O and Purple sets in the same category as Uncommon and Rare sets, so you have to be aware of what those are. For example Targeted AoE lists Frozen Blast and Javelin's Volley and Ragnarok, but the other IOs listed there will not suddenly convert into a PvP or Winter O set or Purple IO. Each of those are in a separate category. Also of note, there are two Uncommon and two Rare sets in this category but one is too new to be listed. Air Burst and Detonation are the Uncommon sets, and Positron's Blast and Annihilation are the Rare sets. And I'm not sure why Annihilation isn't listed -- so far as I remember it was scheduled for I24 release, just like the Lords of Winter sets. Anyway, one of the interesting things here is that all sets go to 50 (the two Uncommon and two Rare), but most start at level 20. Air Burst starts at level 10. This is curious because if you have a level 10 Air Burst, you can't do a category conversion on it because there's nothing else in Targeted AoE that can be level 10. This is an issue I've run into with attuned IOs, because even though they have no specific level, they do know what is the lowest and highest level the normal version of that attuned IO can be, and Attuned IOs will go by lowest possible level when you are attempting to convert them. So you can do a category conversion (Targeted AoE) on an attuned Detonation and get a Positron's Blast, an Annihilation, or an Air Burst. But you can't convert an attuned Air Burst to anything else by category, just like you can't convert a level 10 Air Burst by category.
  6. I think you want Westin Phipps. https://paragonwiki.com/wiki/Westin_Phipps Well... at least I remember it being him. If you've already checked him then I don't know. Okay, way down his list of missions is a mission called Poison and destroy food for the needy That has to be the one? Also, The Bane of the Heart involves killing (well, capturing at least) Agent Gally Ido and Hugo Figures, and to help a Dr. Nova. Gally is the Japanese name for Battle Angel Alita, Ido is the doctor who brought her back to life, Hugo is her first boyfriend. Figure Four is a boyfriend later in the series. Dr. Nova is kind of the bad guy of the series, mostly. I got the DVD of Alita in the mail today. I'm sure that has nothing to do with anything... but beating up Gally and Hugo makes you a very, very bad person. >.>
  7. First, if it's a very popular IO with not a ton for sale (say, less than 100 for sale, or less than 50) and I don't care if it sits a while, I will price it close to the going price or above the going price. Certain things I'm just stubborn on. When Miracle +recovery are selling for 4 million or less, I will still list for 4.7 million or 4.9 million or whatever, with an eye to sell for 5 million, I figure it deserves to sell for that and I can wait until the price rebounds. Similarly I refuse to list Performance Shifter Endurance IOs for less than 2 million, even though mine might not sell for a great while. I often list them for 2.1 million even though I know the going price is generally no higher than 2 mil. I'm only like that on certain IOs though, and I admit it's being stubborn. For regular IOs I will often list up to half a million or 9/10's of a million below the going price, depending on how many are for sale. For example, something that sells for 3 million I might list for 2.6 million or 2.1 million. Something that sells at most for 2 million, I'll generally list for 1.5 million. My goal is to sell, and I make my big money on the special IOs.
  8. What none of this takes into consideration is how likely something will sell. It’s all well and good to say your LotG def/recharge sells for too much to make conversion worth it, but if there are 300 of them for sale and maybe only 50 sell per day on average, and there are only 50 of the +7.5 IOS for sale at sny given time, but maybe on average at least 100 sell each day, then that is an extra incentive on top of the better price to convert. Also so I think conversions will average out in my favor. For every one that takes multiple conversions, another will hit immediately. Anyway I’m making money hand over fist, so I don’t really need to analyze if what I’m doing works. ^_^ Also of note: just because, say, a LotG def/recharge sells for 2 or 3 million less than the 7.5% IO, doesn't mean if I spend 2 million in converters to get from one to the other, I've failed to make money. Always keep in mind that I probably spent quite a bit less than 500,000 influence to get the IO in the first place. I'm making money either way, the only question is whether I'm making even more money by not in-set converting, or by in-set converting. ^_^ And like I said, the fact that the speical IO is going to sell a lot faster is a consideration.
  9. Have you Browsed the Leaderboard yet? ^_^ Apparently The Philotic Knight is winning by a landslide! ...winning what, I have no idea. 😄 Influence and Infamy I'd suppose...
  10. https://ourowiki.ouro-comdev.com/index.php?title=Main_Page That's a good place to start, I think. Probably what you need is to get on Discord and start talking with people there, but there are links on the OuroDev web site to help you do both. If you're asking to host a Homecoming Server, I would not presume to speak for them but they have set up hosting of their servers themselves and aren't asking for help, so far as I know. There are any number of small public and private servers out there. Here's an out-of-date article about them: https://massivelyop.com/2019/05/21/city-of-heroes-reddit-shards-homecoming-multibox/ Mostly I know that the Pleiades server kind of imploded and no longer exists. the /coxg (4chan) server is around and doing some really crazy stuff, check out this link to what's on their test server at the moment: https://www.reddit.com/r/Cityofheroes/comments/cfujaq/patch_notes_for_coxg_server_20jul2019/ I know multiple private servers exist, I was invited to at least two of them -- one where a friend is a GM, and there's maybe 15 or 20 people total. :/ Another friend linked me to the web site for another where you can six-slot every power you have, and run an attack chain of all snipe attacks. So... yeah, that's a thing. You can do whatever you want on your own server I guess. Hope that helps.
  11. It's a known bug, at least for people that read this sub forum. Sorry to hear that you got fooled by it, but as is usual, if a deal seems too good to be true then it probably is. Personally I would prefer they fix the bug, rather than waste time working on ways around it or ways to warn people about it. Nor am I in favor of disabling the last five history because most of the time in my experience it's accurate, such as it is.
  12. You know what might be cool for a Street Smarts pool? A version of stealth that does not make you transparent, because it just represents that you "blend in" with the crowd. ^_^
  13. Is it wrong that I immediately made a character with this name on every server? Only if you play nothing but AT combos that 'used to be good back in the day'. ;) I sense a regen scrapper in the mix somewhere... and possibly a Stone Armor / Energy Melee tank.
  14. Rune of Protection is a big boost to resistances and provides status protection, but is a click power. Still, very good for any character that needs those things. I don't really know how useful Spirit Ward is, but I always take it because I need two powers to get to Rune of Protection and it's a good spot to mule a Preventative Medicine +absorb IO. Never tried using Enflame for anything.
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