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  1. I bought thousands of packs and opened them all immediately. I guess the resell idea is a pretty profitable one that I didn't consider, but I like having between 30 and 60 of every single Winter IO in e-mail should I need it. ^_^ That's more valuable to me than another billion or whatever, I can outfit a new character instantly, and I can repeat that pretty much as often as I want (which these days is not too often).
  2. I’m pretty sure I still have lowball bids on all winter O’s for more than ten influence so I’d be very interested if someone claimed this.
  3. A little more than I have now. 😄 Realistically, I want to be able to kit out a new level 50 immediately, and/or help several friends do the same at the same time. And I'm well past that point so... mission accomplished. But I haven't stopped marketing anyway.
  4. /shrug. I've got some 20 billion or more sitting on my marketing toons not making me money, yet money rolls in anyway just from regular marketing. I can afford to sit on a pile of Winter IO's forever if I like. ^_^ Mind you, I mostly collect them to use rather than to sell, but either way, I am making money constantly so the idea that I'm NOT making money with some thing sitting in inventory is not a big concern.
  5. Not that I ever really sold Winter IO's much, but it's a buyer's market. I've been logging in marketeers nearly every day and spending my earnings on Winter Packs (usually 80 to 100 million per character, based on logging in every 1-3 days, sometimes up to 6 days later since I market with virtually every toon I have). I was actually doing this already when packs were 25 million each, but now I'm buying up to 10 at a time per character, maybe 30-40 packs a night, and stacking up the IOs in e-mail to the point where for some of them I have more than 30 of that IO waiting to be claimed... not t
  6. I didn't play for most of August and September, then I started playing with some friends on Excelsior, which... all of my money is on characters on Torchbearer, so this required me to make money on Excel. Because having money doesn't mean I get to spend it, you know! Then I won't have it anymore! Every character must get to a billion influence! Eventually! At the point I started playing with my Excelsior friends, I had about 20 characters on Torchbearer and only 3 on Excelsior, plus a second-account farmer on each. I mean, I'd sort of planned ahead of time to be able to play w
  7. Doc Q, 1 hour 6 min 40 secs Team Forerunner
  8. 117 - Character Respec 45 - Avalanche Accuracy/Damage/Recharge 53 - Blistering Cold Accuracy/Damage/Endurance/Recharge 8 - Edurance Imbuement Team Inspiration
  9. Holiday events happened on the SCORE server, they will happen here as well. We just happened to start this server up right when there is a long stretch of no official holiday events... unless you count the summer blockbuster I guess...
  10. Yes, it only works for soldiers of arachnos. No idea why it’s in the costume creator. People have complained. Also FYI, once you’ve chosen to be a crab spider instead of a bane spider, you can never create a costume without the crab backpack, I understand. Even if you respec back to a bane spider. People have complained.
  11. Realistically I'd vote "no preference" but since that's not an option, I didn't vote. I probably use the closer ones more frequently, but I just use whichever I wind up in front of.
  12. https://paragonwiki.com/wiki/Enhancement_Sets The Enhancement Sets page on Paragowiki should list most sets and levels by type, so that can be very helpful to determine what can convert into what. Mind you it lists PvP and Winter O and Purple sets in the same category as Uncommon and Rare sets, so you have to be aware of what those are. For example Targeted AoE lists Frozen Blast and Javelin's Volley and Ragnarok, but the other IOs listed there will not suddenly convert into a PvP or Winter O set or Purple IO. Each of those are in a separate category. Also
  13. I think you want Westin Phipps. https://paragonwiki.com/wiki/Westin_Phipps Well... at least I remember it being him. If you've already checked him then I don't know. Okay, way down his list of missions is a mission called Poison and destroy food for the needy That has to be the one? Also, The Bane of the Heart involves killing (well, capturing at least) Agent Gally Ido and Hugo Figures, and to help a Dr. Nova. Gally is the Japanese name for Battle Angel Alita, Ido is the doctor who brought her back to life, Hugo is her first boyfriend.
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