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On Fort Widows WE get this thing called Foresight. Its defensive in nature but it says special damage resistance depending on how much health you have at that time. Anyone know if its worth slotting damage resist over defense? I know Its a great spot for LOTG but that can be placed elsewhere.

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Unfortunately, the answer is no.  Slotting damage resistance enhancements only increase the Psionic  and Defense debuff resistance component of Foresight and doesn't affect scaling resistances in any way. So you're much better off slotting it for defense instead. 

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1 hour ago, AngelKofsky said:

Just curious, does anyone know how much/how fast the resist scales?

exe: x%resist all at 50% max y% resist all at 25% etc

I put the formula used in here:


But to copy it: scaling S/L/E/N/F/C resistance of minmax(75 - source.kHitPoints%, 0, 100) / 60 * 0.25


You get the same amount from Combat Training: Defensive. It's more per passive than Super Reflexes and it starts earlier in your hp bar (75% instead of 60%) but Super Reflexes gets 3 passives instead of 2.

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I took screenshots of damage resistance at different health percentages for my build:




This is with the two scaling resist powers and the Reactive Defences proc, as well as a few IO bonuses, so it might not be exactly what you're after, but it represents a "real" build in play that can solo incarnate AVs etc. This is an older version of my build - I've actually lowered defence slightly so that my AoE isn't at cap even with mind link and I still consider my fortunata a functional tank. I no longer use melee hybrid as I switched to assault as I wasn't having any survival issues, but it adds about 16% resists at T4. 


Also, I apparently turned off the psi resists power for the last two tests because I'm an idiot - it doesn't drop down to 47% - it's raises up to about cap.

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