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Can you release the honoree costume for use?

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As is the case with a lot of signature characters' costumes:


Those characters weren't created using the same character editor players use. They aren't a collection of interchangeable parts. They are a single, complete character model. It's not a matter of just "releasing," say, the Honoree's helmet to players, because there's no "Honoree helmet" piece. There's the Honoree as a whole, and that's all. Allowing players to use that costume piece as a part in their own characters' costumes would involve creating an entirely new costume piece that looks like the one the Honoree has -- new geometry, new textures, new scaling, new everything.

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On 7/29/2019 at 7:10 PM, Rebel231 said:

Personally think it's bad ass

I remember the last time players got a new clothing options for an enemy faction and resulted in a drastic change in how the enemy faction looked before the players got the new assets. Circle of thorns used to be very cool looking and then lie completely remade the costume sets that they used specifically so that they could be used on players and I remember most people at the time on the Forum saying that the new circle look was not as good as the old circle look but because the old circle look was specifically big in assets on a character model that was not a player model this was the only way they could do it that those specific assets for circle of thorns would end up usable in any way by the players. Now granted I'm not one of the Developers for homecoming I'm not even the programmer at all but I would think that it would be similarly difficult for them to break down the hero one model to give the players usable versions of it and even then personally I wouldn't want them to do it Hero 1, the honoree, is a signature character not a generic mob from the circle of thorns; he's not even a generic mob from the Rikti faction; he is an archvillain.

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