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  1. HERE COMES A NEW CHALLENGER This was one of my 50s back on live (not quite there yet this time around), a Street Justice/Willpower brute -- at the time she was called "Girl-Fight," but nowadays that name feels a little... icky. So instead she goes by the Knockout Artist.
  2. I had that issue come up for a while, what eventually fixed it was turning off pointer trails in Windows.
  3. All the top futurists agree: by the end of the Twentieth Century, advances in new technologies such as "electro-nomics" will make the need for pants a thing of the past! Primarily because they would be ignited by the fires from the coal-fed rocket packs everyone will be wearing.
  4. Perhaps you'll find your interest piqued by the very latest technological marvel of the modern age?
  5. I'm really digging the look of my new Invulnerability tanker, Diamant. She's had quite a few compliments on her look already in her short career!
  6. I have a D&D character I play quite often. His family name is McGurd. His given name is Urr. There have been two others with his name before him. He was recently knighted. He is Ser Urr McGurd the Third.
  7. It's tempting to just... make a cheerleader here, but "cheerleader-themed superhero" is a little more interesting. I started with shirts too, but wasn't liking anything I came up with, so I dropped them in favor of a tights pattern that suggests a traditional cheerleading sweater with long sleeves but a "bare" midriff. I extended that logic to the lower body and tried to find a boots pattern that looked a bit like knee-high socks because I associate that look with cheerleaders but didn't want to literally put her in knee-high socks. And before anyone asks -- or tries to check without making it
  8. Opportunities to use two costume pieces here that I'm a big fan of but that don't fit a lot of concepts, the Oni Guard and Yakuza top with tattoos! So obviously they're both in here. I played with the idea of just putting her in business attire (including a pencil skirt) from the waist down, like she'd just take her jacket off, put the mask on and go, but it wasn't working. Presumably she has a bathroom in her office she can use to change. It's unfortunate that the Oni Guard isn't a standalone piece, but we'll work with what we have. I was going for something that looks like a mask
  9. Welcome to the thread! I had a lot of similar ideas to @Shocktacular, especially re: blood. Great minds and all that, I guess! This actually used my own shark-based character as a starting point, but I made some changes to nudge it in a more sinister and threatening and generally bloody direction (and made it female, obviously). The Lace cape is meant to suggest a fishing net or maybe the rigging of a ship she destroyed; I'm not sure it quite accomplishes that but I thought it was cool anyway and it should look neat trailing behind her during melee attack animations. I added some blue becau
  10. Honestly, I'd be thrilled just to have Walk do a "suppress all" like the hoverboard and void skiff and such do nowadays instead of the current "detoggle all."
  11. I agree that the current look is already pretty solid, but I think there's potential for something more, too. Here's my try at it. I went a little witchier(?), hopefully not too witchy. I did lighten up the purple a bit, but I also set that lighter shade against more black -- hopefully the contrast helps the areas of bright color "pop" a little better. Dark on dark, even the slightly-lighter-dark I put in there, can look muddy without some kind of strong accent color, and I've always found a glowing neon green to be a good balance with a black/purple/gold combo (plus it looks all m
  12. I went slightly off in my own direction -- brown and orange is hard to work with alone, so I wanted to brighten things up a little, thus the red. I get that it's not technically accurate to the actual color of lava/magma, but hey, ice isn't blue in real life either, all the cold-themed heroes wear it anyway because it suggests things even if they aren't literally true. I liked the way the tattoos on the original design played with the Barbarian Ring, so I kept it, but changed the color of the ring to look more like obsidian. Glowing "lava" on (under?) her skin is a fun theme, so th
  13. I've personally been begging for double auras forever: "We can have auras now at level 30, how about a second one at 40?" "Hey, you know what would be a really cool 'Incarnates only' costume option to unlock at that merit vendor in Ouroboros? A second aura!" "What the -- !? why does evil Positron in the Keyes trial get two auras and we don't?" "The game's going free-to-play and will be supported by microtransactions? I'd definitely pay extra to unlock the ability to have two auras!" Or at least the option to have different combat/non-combat auras (not just "on in c
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