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  1. Francis is amazing. Like if Arnim Zola were a TOTAL BADASS.
  2. It looks like you found your sonic mutant, so I thought I'd take a stab at "darkness powered villain." darkpower.costume
  3. Old people SG? This looks like a job for The Grammazon!
  4. Infernal technology? This sounds like an excuse to use that Cosmic Corsair skull backpack that's so cool, but so ungodly hard to actually integrate into a design in a way that makes any amount of sense! So yeah... glowing tech-skulls and pointy bits. Influenced by the Doom franchise, and to a point, Hellraiser, though most of the latter ended up on the cutting room floor. I tried to make the "person" wearing the tech into something you might see at a distance and say, "hey, that doesn't look so bad..." and then she comes closer and you're like "OH GAWD THAT'S AWFUL GET IT AWAY GET IT AWAY GET IT AWAY." I am only about 60% sure the belt needs to be there, and roughly as confident that a tail doesn't. hellectric.costume
  5. People are overthinking (or maybe wishful-thinking?) it. The show was very careful to establish in that same episode that and that She HAD to because He's not really he's basically just
  6. I agree, very clever! It also reminded me to share this guy: The Assaultin' Battery!
  7. "I designed this costume, but the character needs a name.""I want to play a [primary]/[secondary] [Archetype] but can't think of a good name, can someone help me out?""I had [name] on live but it's taken on Excelsior, does anyone have a decent alternative they're not using?" A discussion in the "Name Release" thread prompted the creation of this one. Think of it as a sort of a companion to that thread -- this is the place to ask for help naming a character on Excelsior. Maybe you're looking for something specific, maybe the one you wanted is taken and you're looking for something else, maybe you're just drawing a blank... the fabled "best MMO community in the world" might be able to help. Obviously, don't suggest names you know to be taken. Ideally, check anything you're going to suggest in-game before posting if you're able. If you're asking someone to give up something they're already in possession of, maybe offering a trade would be nice, too (by which I mean, "offer up another name from your roster," not "offer to pay them a ton of Inf" and especially not "offer them some sort of real-world reward for it" since that's likely a violation of the Terms of Service). I'll start: I designed this character during the Blip, when all we had was the costume editor, and ever since the game came back I've wanted to do something with her. Obviously she's got Shield Defense, but her AT and accompanying attack powerset are kind of up in the air (it's Street Justice right now, but she could easily be remade to use Martial Arts or Psionic Melee or a weapon or who-knows-what). I haven't settled on a background or origin story, though I've always sort of leaned toward "cop from the future" or something similar. At the moment I'm squatting on the name "Vigilant" for her, which I recognize is objectively a very good name, but for whatever reason it isn't clicking with me. I'd be willing to trade that name for a replacement -- something that references the shield and/or protection indirectly would be most appreciated (you know, Guardian or Sentinelle or something), but I'm willing to consider others, especially if they suggest a particular attack power to go with the shield.
  8. "I designed this costume, but the character needs a name." "I want to play a [primary]/[secondary] [Archetype] but can't think of a good name, can someone help me out?" "I had [name] on live but it's taken on Excelsior, does anyone know if the person who has it is actually using it?" Yep, I'm all for it.
  9. Not sure exactly what you're asking for here. People do use this thread to let the community at large know when they drop names so that others can pick them up; it is a central location for that kind of thing. With a thousand slots per server and the ability to create a theoretically infinite number of accounts, people are going to squat on names they like, at least until that name-release policy that was discussed early in the days of Homecoming goes into effect (assuming it ever actually does). It's the nature of the beast, for good or ill. And really, there's nothing stopping people from using this thread, or starting another, to advertise that they're looking for a particular name, or just using /getglobalname and sending an in-game email to the owner to see if they're willing to part with it. I've been on both ends of that personally; sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn't, but it's a relatively simple and totally painless process. How do you propose it be "done blindly"?
  10. I don't know, I think that color scheme in general can work, it's more a matter of figuring out the right hues and placement -- and in the case of what I did here, setting them against a nice neutral gray to avoid them clashing against one another. I tried to make him look like a military cyborg of sorts, or maybe some kind of infantry in a light exo-suit? I shamelessly stole @Shocktacular's chest detail idea because it's a good one. I solved the problem of the back looking a bit plain in a slightly different way. Beta.costume
  11. My first try. Might come back with others too. Not sure if this one says "Night Widow" or "Fortunata" more, so maybe there's room for a variation one way or the other. Keying off the name, I started with dark blue but wanted a "moonlight" glow to set things off a bit, so I went for the Celestial chest detail. Clicking through one at a time, I discovered that the lines of that piece flow really nicely with the Hearts pattern. Thus the Mesh legs pattern (I can't bring myself to use the Hearts legs pattern with the big ol' crotch-heart on it), which itself has a nice flow with the Fashion Tight boots as the seams running up the back of both line up near-perfectly. The Insect wings, Fairy Dust aura and big "bug eyes" goggles might be a bit on-the-nose, But hey, I had "Night" covered, those are the "Pixie" part. pixie.costume
  12. If you think that name is good, you're going to be super jealous when you see the one I just snagged: (Costume courtesy of the "Random" button, because I care.)
  13. It can be tricky working with a lot of colors, but thankfully "neutral" ones like black/white/grey make things a little less complicated because they don't tend to clash with anything. Gold is slightly less problematic too, since a lot of costume pieces have non-colorable gold accents (the hem/border at the bottom of the Patrician Toga, the pattern on the Praetoria Police chest armor, the buttons on the Victorian Steampunk corset, several Imperial Dynasty chest and leg patterns for women). In my experience, it's usually best to pick one or two "main" colors and one "accent" color, though any of those being a neutral one makes it more likely that you can work in something extra, so we're actually in good shape here with black and white plus two other colors. Unfortunately, the two-colors-per-thing limitation you mentioned means that accessories like chest and shoulder pieces are almost certainly going to be needed, if only to have somewhere to put all of those colors! Ultimately, I think this may be a case of having to settle for "similar to" rather than "actually a recreation of" -- and not just for ToS/copyright reasons. The character editor can only do what it can do, and we can only work within those limits. We can either lament not having a "spiderwebs" pattern or a "power ring" hand model, or we can look at what we do have and make something out of that. I managed to put this together, not exactly what you asked for, but based somewhat on the source character. Is it Captain Avalon? Absolutely not. Does it evoke a similar "feel"? I'd like to think so. Hope it helps! Avalon.costume
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