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What about the abandoned AT the Primalist?


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So back in the development phase of CoH (not sure how far in Beta it went) there was the AT called the Primalist. The wiki has a lot of data on it: https://paragonwiki.com/wiki/Primalist


Since SCORE added the Sentinel AT, any chance the Primalist can make a comeback?  A lot more data on it, so it is not like the AT would be made from scratch.  Thoughts?

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Primalist was scrapped by the original dev team due to complexity issues, so doubtful. I don't know how much data for the Sentinel AT was in the code at the shutdown, but if you look at it all it does is pair Blaster primaries with Scrapper secondaries. This drastically cuts down the work required (coding, effects work, etc...) to implement it.


Also, from a gameplay perspective, I can see this AT having the same issue Kheldian characters faced but even worse of being so horrendously slot starved.

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