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  1. It would be nice if changing alignments didn't automatically remove/add the Villain and Hero Zone Event chat channels. It would also be nice if the "tells" from the auction house about being busy didn't flood every single chat tab, or for every single item it's too busy to process.
  2. The Founder's Falls Safeguard map is horribly off. I think it might be flipped 180°. The Steel Canyon Mayhem map is shifted left.
  3. Dunno if it's been reported, but the Founder's Falls Safeguard map is horribly off. I think it might be flipped 180°. Also, I need to amend my previous report on the Steel Canyon Mayhem badge. The whole map is shifted left.
  4. Fandom (formerly Wikia) has a lot of issues. Most notably having zero checks on what ads they run, meaning you can get malware from them. ParagonWiki was originally a Wikia site, but TonyV noped the fuck out of there once the issues started cropping up.
  5. I can confirm you can obtain Moral High Ground via Ouro. One of my Praetorians out leveled Chance McKnight before his final mission, as the loyalty missions are technically their own arcs. Said character went back and did that mission via Ouro after leaving Praeotoria and received the badge. As far as I'm aware, there aren't any badges in Praetoria you can permanently miss. Everything can be gotten by either going back to Praetoria after leaving (exploration, events) or via Ouro (moral choice). Avid Reader can be gotten from Prometheus, so even that isn't missable (or exclusive to Praetoria).
  6. Yeah, but then you're using Fandom/Wikia.
  7. So... why can't you copy ParagonWiki and start modifying from there? The GNU license explicetly states coping and modifying is covered. So long as you're not trying to make money from it, it's covered.
  8. Respec Recipe (either drop of bought from the AH) Respec Trial (up to 3) P2W Vendor for 10,000,000 Inf (not recommended) If you find you've blown through that many respecs, I'd highly recommend you use the Mids' Reborn builder to plan a build out.
  9. Not seeing that on my end. Did you perchance leave an incarnate power ticked on? Or did you misread that it includes the base of 100% as some things reduce recharge?
  10. Needed Info Manufacturer: EVGA/Nvidia Model: GTX 1070Ti Operating System and version: Windows 10 Pro Version 1809 (OS Build 17763.737) Does the game load (and error you get if not): Yes, no issues. Optional Info Driver Version: Latest Nvidia drivers (changes at least monthly) Monitor Resolution: 1920x1080 Multi-monitor?: No Graphics Preset Used: None Overall experience (any stuttering, glitching, etc or smooth sailing): Just this issue in Night Ward/The Lighted Paths in First Ward Any steps taken to resolve issues you encountered (both those that worked and those that didn't): Changed every graphic setting in the game. Nothing worked.
  11. The same designers who thought Praetoria having tons of hard hitting enemies with lots of mez (some factions have a mez on every critter) and endless ambushes was a good choice. Most of it comes from a period when everyone and their mother played Scrappers (it was the most popular AT by a sizable margin) and new content was balanced around that. Twinshot and Dr. Grave's arcs, and the whole of Praetoria are just painful if you're not a Scrapper, Brute, or teamed.
  12. OK, so quick breakdown (as I try and avoid wall-o-text). Soft cap means that there is an effective limit, but having an amount over said limit is still there even if it doesn't give you any benefit. Hard cap means that once you hit the cap, anything over the cap is discarded. This comes into play if you get hit by a debuff effect or an enemy has a buff on them. The Defense soft cap for most enemies is 45%. This is due to the game forcing all attacks to have no less than a 5% chance to hit and no more than a 95% chance to hit, with NPCs typically having a base chance to hit of 50%. Chance to hit and defense are straight subtraction math (i.e. if my ToHit/Accuracy is 70% and my target has 10% Defense, then I now have a 60% chance to hit that target). If you get your defense above 45%, since it's a soft cap, this acts as a buffer zone in case you run into an enemy with a ToHit buff (Nemesis, DE, etc...) or are affected by a defense debuff. One important note about Defense is that you will use your best defense against an incoming attack. So say you're targeted by a Fireball attack. This attack deals Fire and Smashing damage, and is an AoE. Thus the game will look at your Fire, Smashing, and AoE defense and pick the best one. It does not combine them. Damage Resistance is hard capped, based on archetype (75% for Blasters as mentioned before). Any resistance above 75% is just discarded into the aether. TL:DR On a Blaster, ignore Resistance and go for Defense. Smashing and Lethal damage are the most common damage types in the game, so getting Smashing and Lethal Defense to 45% or higher makes you very hard to hit for 99% of the NPCs in the game.
  13. Please, yes. Dear God, anything that removes the stupid from my robots.
  14. Or, you know, those level 51, 52, or 53 set IOs... And seriously, there isn't any chance of 53 Hami-Os becoming a thing. That goes beyond paranoia.
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