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  1. Just to be that guy... What about keeping Knight Errant/Black Knight as the badge for defeating Paladin and adding a 2nd badge for preventing the construction? Wrecking Crew or something? And yeah, the timer needs to be lowered from 20 minutes.
  2. I like the idea of making LGTF 45+ again (hell, I still want the RWZ to go back to level locked to 35+). Not every single piece of content needs to be accessible to every damned level.
  3. Is there an update for the tweaks to the sewer network/abandoned sewer network?
  4. Ah, it's counted as an auto power. That's why I didn't see it before. That seems like a bug...
  5. I shall rephrase. How do I, as a player using Electrical Affinity, know how many stacks of Static I have so I know how many extra targets my chain powers hit or how much of a buff Defibrillate gets?
  6. Is there anything in-game that indicates how many stacks of Static an Electrical Affinity character has?
  7. I'd rather this not be changed. One of the benefits of Walk (which was added purely for RP) was it disabled Health, which is frequently slotted with a +HP IO that continuously pops green numbers above a player's head. Since Health is an auto power given to all characters at level 2, a command to turn off all toggle powers wouldn't work.
  8. Unless the movement cap is effectively tripled (or increased by some equally ridiculous amount) with no increase in base speed, I'm not burning precious slots in movement powers. I know I'm not alone in that thinking, either. Getting from A to B faster is nice and all, but it's at best 4th down on my build priority list. As I posted earlier, slots are so tight 99% of the time I would far rather take an extra power that I don't have to slot than try and pry a slot out of an already slot starved build to throw on my travel power.
  9. Given how slot starved most of my builds get, I'd much rather pick up a couple more powers I don't need to budget slots for than try and carve slots out to retain the ability to hit the flight speed cap.
  10. I am not a Mids' developer. If you need technical help, post in the Mids' forum.
  11. You need to click the power in the powers list, not the area where you assign slots.
  12. Correct. The left/yellow radio button toggles the proc effect and the right/green radio button toggles the power.
  13. Updated for Mids' v3.0.2.19 and Issue 27 stuff. If I've missed anything, please let me know.
  14. Much appreciated. If there's anything not on that list, I can probably figure it out. This makes my task so much easier.
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