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  1. I am not a Mids' developer. If you need technical help, post in the Mids' forum.
  2. You need to click the power in the powers list, not the area where you assign slots.
  3. Correct. The left/yellow radio button toggles the proc effect and the right/green radio button toggles the power.
  4. Updated for Mids' v3.0.2.19 and Issue 27 stuff. If I've missed anything, please let me know.
  5. Much appreciated. If there's anything not on that list, I can probably figure it out. This makes my task so much easier.
  6. /auto_enhance automatically fills your powers with enhancements (but you don't get to pick what it throws in there), so not quite what I need. I use the store when possible, but they only sell in increments of 5 levels, which is also an imperfect solution. I'm trying to recreate the data in the wiki Travel Power table that includes base, even level DOs, +3 DOs, even SOs, +3 SOs, and IOs (boosted and not). I can kludge it with DOs using the AE vendor, but SOs at lower levels are proving a problem.
  7. Is there a way to grant non IOs at specific levels? The boost command only works on IOs. I'm trying to collect data on travel power speed caps at various levels.
  8. Nope, still on Tequila. Can't be bothered to do an entire new install just for a launcher.
  9. D:/City of Heroes/ It installs the mod. It's just that one map that's screwy.
  10. @The Philotic KnightI just installed Vidiot Maps via your CoH Modder tool and it still has the old rotation of Siren's call. This is also a fresh install of your CoH Modder, as I've never used it before.
  11. Trying to use the shortcut keys on the popmenu from clicking on a player's name in chat returns errors. Clicking on the options functions normally.
  12. Does this mean outleveling PvP zone contacts is no longer a thing? If not, this badge will be unobtainable by a lot of characters. Edit: I missed that being in the patch notes. I can read, I swear!
  13. Tossing my 2¢ in for 250 Sappers seeming unreasonably high. The (understandable) limit of 1 Sapper spawn per group and Malta having limited street spawns means you'll have to do a lot of missions against a very tough faction. Unrelated: do self rezzing enemies like Super Stunners count twice for badge credit if you get a kill -> rez -> kill cycle?
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