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Hello ROers...Welcome back! 


WHO: Repeat Offenders Network (RO) was one of the largest specialized supergroup networks in the live/public game. We had 35+ SGs on 3 servers: Freedom, Justice and Virtue.  We been around since 2005 (14 years) . 
WHAT WE DO: Making stupidly difficult things easy

WHERE WE ARE: Everlasting 

WHY: Because...We're a rag tag bunch of gamers having fun. 

HOW: Reconnect with RO via: 

Global:  /chanjoin Repeat Offenders 

Forum: www.repeat-offenders.net


We currently have reformed the following SGs on Everlasting. 

  • Apostles of RO -  Any archetype/powersets
  • Bubblelicious -  All Force Field and Sonic Resonance 
  • Crack Dealers -  Kinetic Corruptors & Brutes 
  • Don't Whiz on the Electric Fence  - Any Electric Powerset
  • Faithful Fans of Fallout - Radiation Emissions with Fallout required 
  • Green Machine - Empathy Defenders  (Build Requirements) 
  • Heretics of RO - Any Archetype 
  • Hurricane Havoc - All Storm Summoning 
  • Pinball Wizards - All Kinetics Only (Build Requirements) 
  • Shadows of Salvation - Any Dark Powerset 
  • Shock Troopers  - Electric Brutes 
  • Think Tanks  - All Tankers 
  • T.R.I.C.K - Any Trick Arrow, Traps  or Tactical Arrow 


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Game global: @Alty  || Discord: @Alty#2005

Founding member of Repeat Offenders Network  - Making stupidly difficult things easy since 2005 

Global Channel: Repeat Offenders  || Website: www.repeat-offenders.net

📢RETRO RO Teaming  - Details in the Repeat Offenders Club

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