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  1. Unfortunately, this may be a software limitation issue that isn't easily solved by the Dev/Admins. At some point very soon IPB will have its own mobile app which may address the the font size issue. The small screen version of the forum seems to stick to a specific font size. Invision Community Apps for iOS & Android https://invisioncommunity.com/news/product-updates/invision-community-apps-for-ios-android-r1161/
  2. You could just tag and ask him, @Leandro 😉
  3. The way you wrote it made it read as if you were referring to a single target buff. Also I think you're highly mistaken about Empathy and Kinetics but someone above me already took that on. 😊
  4. Do you mean Fortitude or Adrenaline Boost? Fulcrum Shift is a Kinetics power and it is a targeted AOE buff/debuff.
  5. Just gonna point out the obvious, that the 'community' as mentioned is not the whole community but a small portion who plays The Forum side missions. Some folks play regularly and don't even visit nor post on the forum. So forum polls by members are fairly limited to those who frequent the forum and browse that particular section. It's not the best indicator of what the majority of players want. It's mostly what folks who frequent the suggestion section and are inclined to tick a box, want. 😊
  6. 3 heals...6 buffs...5 if you don't want to count Rez. 4 of those buffs are extremely important at all levels (Fortitude, Regen and Recovery Auras, Adrenaline Boost). Incarnates buffs basically mimic all Defender buffs. No Defender is ever worthless... Ever. 😊 Got 2 Emps? Have them Fort & AB each other (if they're offender built) and then get out of their way. Now is healing necessary as much at higher levels?...Nope but since Emps aren't 'healers' they're always needed all the time. 😉
  7. As a kinetics lover... (useless kin expert puffery here: ) Meaning that not only are a large portion of my alts kins but I've been the leader of an all Kinetics SG for years on live and currently here ... and even *I* know it's not *the best* for every controller...now, every defender, mebby.... 🤔 😁😉
  8. Read through this whole thread... Y'all are interesting... I learned that Petless MM is the new scapegoat for crappy teams. I also wonder exactly how many Petless MMs are even around for everyone to suddenly be saddled with them. 🤔 I learned that telling anyone 'you're doing it wrong' is pretty much the same as asking 'why are you playing that way' because both come from the same block of what is correct and incorrect. One is just an open ended question. It still requires the questioner to judge the answer as good or bad and allows them to easily interject their views on an AT while disguising it as an equitable conversation. I also learned that it is nobody's business why a player plays or builds they way they do. Don't tell them they're wrong and don't ask why to just politely tell them they're wrong either. In the end though, it's pretty simple... Adapt by changing team tactics or remove the player. Expressing AT/build/play opinions is not required Enjoy the game. 😊
  9. Old polls from before the forum change or new polls post change? If it's old polls, see GM Widower's post above. New polls can show the results via the 'Show Results' button. Also the results show automatically when the poll is closed. The OP of the poll has to close it if a close time/date hasn't been set.
  10. Great... But I'm referring to game mechanics. They're coded to trail behind their 'masters'. They rarely keep up. I 'member way back in the olden days, MM pet corpses used to pile up at the mission doors, trams, base entrances, everywhere... Piles upon piles of castaway pets. Heh, dead undead zombies corpses.
  11. I was going to ask for Speed Boost but I see that's already been done. The SB icon is ROs website. ico and it is tiny but muddled. Yes it's always been a boot as is Siphon Speed. 😁
  12. 🤔 Were there some changes or patch notes somewhere? Because I thought they were all only -End with 2 power exceptions which are stated to do - recovery. If they all have a -recovery proc (% chance to X) perhaps it is easier to increase or change that chance or change it for specific powers 100% for X seconds.
  13. You can get away with 1-3 slotting most Kin powers. That being said, accuracy is still great for Transfusion, Transference, Siphon Speed, Siphon Power and Fulcrum Shift. Recharge is also great in these powers. You can slot Heal in Transfusion (3) End Mods in Speed Boost (3) and Transference (3) Resist in Increase Density (1) Slows in Siphon Speed (3) - That's to increase the +run speed if you want to be faster than your team with speed boost.
  14. Was?... We're here.😉 We're also more than one SG. RO was born in the Defender section of the official forums. I see the OP mixed in Corruptors and Controllers.. Awww should have gone with all Defenders just to get those sweet buffs/debuffs early. Also typically a super team starts as lowbies together so they learn team tactics and synergies. That's usually the fun part. 😊
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