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Gauging Interest in Radiation Themed Supergroup

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Back on the retail servers, I was in a few different theme supergroups. One of my favorite was Defenders of the Night, started way back before CoV, which was (unsurprisingly) all defenders. We had a sub-group of all Rad defenders that was a blast to run. Since we have so many more AT options now, I was thinking it would be fun to try something a little different and follow the Radiation theme without the AT restriction. Any toon using the Radiation Emission powerset would fit in nicely!


I'm a casual kind of player, so this wouldn't be a powerleveling min-max type of group. We'd mostly run door missions and do the occasional task force or trial. I'd like to set a couple of times per week that folks could gather up, but of course there's no reason not to play any time!


So who might be interested in something like this? If there's a good response then I can start up the SG and a global channel for folks to join.

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There is currently an SG on everlasting called Faithful Fans of Fallout. It is an all Radiation Emissions SG. It is a member of the over arching coalition of SGs called Repeat Offenders. We were formed way back on live, and have started back up. If you are interested check out the Global Channel Repeat Offenders.



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