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You can't go home again...


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But you sure as hell can have a Homecoming!


The flood of nostalgia overwhelming me as I return to my favorite game is completely surreal. Knowing that this could be taken away at any moment makes me appreciate the chance to play again, even if it's brief. As a show of appreciation I thought it might be appropriate to share the memories we hope to relive thanks to SCoRE and their efforts. So please share yours here.


A few memories that stand for me:


Double XP Weekends!! Any time they were announced I would immediately alert all my friends so we could plan out new characters and coordinate times we could all be on.


Running the End Game tasks forces (their proper name eludes me at the moment). The multi-team aspect of running these was an awesome feature. It gave my tight supergroup friends and I an opportunity to team up with other groups and make some good alliances.


Spending hours on Mids Hero Builder. I loved planning out builds, not just for me, but for friends and strangers too. Which reminds me, I need to reinstall Mids!

PQAzhGk.png Make Energy Melee Great Again! Join the discussion.


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