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How Much Will I Hate Dark Control/Kinetics?


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I have a habit of rolling B-list toons. I tend to stay away from the true cookie cutters but also try to stay away from the really frustrating/weak combos.


Anyway, I have a concept for a Dark toon who is based on Paragon's last Blockbuster Video employee. The store gets hit by a meteor or something and he ends up absorbing all these horror movie abilities fromthe VHS types. The intent is to draw a dichotomy between the clean cut looking character design and the horrific powers (colored red-ish for blood tint).


I've never seen a Dark/Kinetic character before and I'm pretty sure it's because the cones in Dark--particularly the immobilize--conflict with the PBAoE nature of Kinetics. But, I wanted to throw it out there anyway. Unusual combo that can work, or a disaster of frustration waiting to happen?


I know Dark/Time or Dark/Dark are more natural pairings, but I am kind of tired of both at the moment, and I hate how /Dark ruins costumes.

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6 hours ago, 5099y_74c05 said:

I wouldn't consider anything with Dark/ or /Kin as "B list"; these are two of the best sets available to Controllers. I think this combo will work fine. With a lower uptime the AoE Stun is PBAoE.




Normally I wouldn't either, although the specifics of these two sets are at odds with each other. /Kin Controllers normally rely on their AoE immobilize for damage. For Dark, it's a cone.

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Your zipping around with siphon speed, why worry about the cones?  Fearsome stare, zip in in fulcrum shift, Hod, zip out shadowy binds.  Stay there and spam.  Kinetics is a spammy set so moving around fast is part of the fun.  Sounds great to me.


Fearsome stare (dont damage proc it, only one or two anyhow) and FS have nice synergy, and both it and shadowy binds have HUGE cones.  Dont need to aim carefully with them.


Personally I like sets that do range and melee, lets you see the whole battlefield, and with Kinetics you will always be doing it at superspeed.  Even if hovering.


And dark not only has control, but big tohit debuffing which will help with Kins lack of defense.  Its really a great pairing.  If you want even more craziness, run repel with kbtokdown IO and keep everything near you flopping too, but probably overkill.  But it fun when an ambush happens and quick "bowling ball" flops them long enough to throw a big aoe fear and get things under control again.


Hmmm, now I want to make a dark/kin!

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I do like the balance of a control set that is very strong defensively, to cover Kinetics' lack of personal defense.

Also, Kinetics wants good Accuracy, and you can slot Theft of Insight in both Fearsome Stare and Living Shadows.

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