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Make PBAoE Toggles Suppress When Mezzed Rather than Detoggle

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Would the team be willing to consider making PBAoE toggles suppress instead of detoggle when the user is mezzed? At least one example currently exists in the game: Blaster Cauterizing Aura.


The main powers I'm thinking about are:

- Conductive Aura (Elec Control)

- Arctic Air (Ice Control)

- Choking Cloud (Radiation)

- Entangling Aura (Nature)

- Venomous Gas (Poison)


There are examples of other PBAoEs out there (e.g. Hotfeet) but the group above all fall into the category of 'counting on this to stay alive.' There are strategies for getting mezz protection to keep them running, but it seems like it should take less work to make this sort of tactic work. 


Thanks for your consideration (and great job on the work done so far on other stuff--truly appreciated.)

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