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[Hero][1-25] Avenging the Dead


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Avenging the Dead


ID: 2597

Faction: Hero

Creator: @Saunik

Level Range: first two missions (1-20), last two (5-25)

Difficulty: Challenging; this contains custom groups to serve the story, and one EB.

Length: Very Long. There are four missions, starting with a small, then medium map.  Third is a custom map; the last is a large map.

Enemy Groups: Two custom groups + the Family.


Synopsis: Many years ago the Dead Zone, a metal band on the rise, discovered their roadies were shuttling Superadine around Paragon city during the shows.  When the band protested, they were discredited and killed. Now Stalwart Records is at it again and someone's not happy about it...

i16 -- Crey Hero Lab is Back!


Note: Was originally a 4 star arc on Live (it only had 68 reviews by Sunset, but still).  There were some odd issues with i25 stripping out some object references from when it was published on Live.  All are fixed up as close as possible.


[edit] Found the latest edited version before Sunset so I republished.

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I liked the story, the investigation of the corrupt music executives, and the custom group of roadies and such.  The lighting techs were obnoxious but just enough to make me think about taking them out first.



Princess Purple versus the recording company exployees


I did think the Enraged Supa Trolls and the ambushes of katana wielding Bodyguards made the story arc too hard for a lowbie.  I played a level 9 scrapper and routinely got clobbered by those, I had to hospital 4 times and after running back a few times I made sure to eat 2 lucks any time I fought 2 or more Supa Trolls or Bodyguards.



Princess Purple getting punched by Enraged Supa Trolls


The Supa Trolls were tough because they would all Knockout Blow my character (as seen above); getting KO Blow'd once isn't too bad, but if two trolls are doing them one after another, I'm pretty much toast.  The Bodyguards just did a lot of DPS against me, and floored my defense with their attacks.


I probably would've been OK if I were higher level, had more attacks and mez protection maybe (the holds from KO Blow really got me).  With the level range of the arc being 1-25 I think this would've been even worse for a level 1.  You might consider either raising the min level to be around 15, or else making these mobs easier (maybe mixing the Supa Trolls with more normal Trolls?).


Anyway it was fun, and I did level to 10 and get some badges.  Thanks for the arc!

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You had me at ‘a metal band on the rise’ :)


I will play this for my review thread if you like, any suggestions as to a good archetype/powerset combo you think would offer the most fun for it?




Sorry, I thought I'd get auto-notified if folks responded to a thread I started, but nope.  I've clicked "Notify" so I'll see them moving forward.


I actually don't think soloing this as a lowbie would be a good idea (despite the level ranges coming from AE itself).


Without giving too much away, there are Electric and Sonic enemies in there, along with raving trolls and a couple of other tough folks, so be sure you are running a toon (or toons) that can handle those powersets.

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(well written and illustrated review)


Sorry, I thought I'd get auto-notified if folks responded to a thread I started, but nope.  I added a notification so I'll see them moving forward.


I think the last significant changes I made to this were around i15 to handle the "your custom enemies have to have X attacks for each group to give XP" change to AE.  I don't quite recall how the i16=> changes would have affected it, but I'm sure it has probably gotten tougher over time.


When I first built it (i13??) I remember going through pretty low and having it challenging, but doable.


I'll have to keep tweaking things a bit to get account for the new world, and having this feedback really helps!


Love your screenshots!  I'm glad you enjoyed the story.

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