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[Hero][] Superhero Downtime


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Superhero Downtime


ID: 1819

Faction: Hero

Creator: @Saunik

Level Range: 1-25

Difficulty: Challenging; no custom enemy groups, no EBs.

Length: Very Long. There are 5 missions; 2 medium map2, two custom and finally a large map.

Enemy Groups: Council.


Synopsis: All you wanted was some quiet time to catch up on your favorite TV show... Is a little relaxation too much to ask?


Note: Was originally a 4 star arc on Live, with 37 reviews by Sunset.

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Heh. This was a cute one, and it had me blowing away some Council fascists to boot. The B.A.D.G.U.Y.'s were appropriately tongue-in-cheek, and all-in-all, everything ended quite nicely for a kid-friendly mission. The only huge flaw I could really see was in the very first mission, which ended up ending the mission right there when I rescued the first S.A.M. instead of having the end come when I rescued Melanie after rescuing S.A.M. (like it should have). I can only assume that something broke in the process of transferring from Live.

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