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Roleplay SGs on Indominable?

Bastille Boy

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Are there any roleplay-oriented supergroups on Indomitable? I'd like to find one, especially for my redside alts.   Toons I currently play:

  1. Thetawave (controller, mind-emp, currently rogue): student of mind control techniques, including hypnotism and lying.
  2. Albrecht's Boy (dominator, elec-elec, currently villain): contrary to rumor, becoming a mad scientist's test subject was his free choice.
  3. Bastille Boy (tanker, invul-SJ, hero): sent to prison, learned to fight, stopped unprovoked attacks, escaped, pardoned, regrets escaping.

A redside group would be the best fit for (1) and (2).  That said, they could switch to blueside for the right group. The hypnotist could decide to use his powers only for good. Sparky isn't leaving Dr. Albrecht's lab, but the doctor isn't evil, just mad. (The test subject, on the other hand...)


I know that Indominable isn't the main roleplay server. But I'd like to stay on Indominable.

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