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Late nighter looking for a side-SG to run with

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Hi everyone! I'm @Doolin Dalton and I've been playing COX with one SG since 2008. I'm still in this SG, that is rather large and active on this server. The problem is that even though the SG/Coalition has over 100 members, there are pretty much none who play late night. I tend to currently play from 10pm to 3am eastern standard time. I'm looking for a part time SG for the late night. If I find an SG, I have 30+ toons from 10-50, 7 50s. I would want to bring at least one 50 and a few others to the new SG. 


I mostly play blue side but am always up for some red side fun. I can pvp, but not really a necessity for fun. 


I love great costumes and concepts, light RP is ok, and love building power builds that can solo or team well. I like using discord, but not a must 


If any latenighters have a decent sized group of like minded night owls, let me know..

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Hi there! Was browsing the forums and happened to see your post. I noticed that someone else recently posted about an SG called "The Midnight Oil" that's opening up this Friday. The thread is called "The Midnight Oil Opens its Doors," and I'd suggest checking that out. Seems it'll be made up of people that are the night owls, like yourself! Best of luck!!!

Global Handle: @Pavlovian 

Server: Everlasting

The Pavlovian (Psychic/Mental Blaster & RPer)

About Me: Geeky Gamer Wife and Mother

My Gaming Motto: "Love what you play and play what you love."

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Chaos United is always looking for more members. Send me a tell in game and we'll see what I can do for you. We have plenty members who play late and do a variety of Incarnate material, and Rikti Ship Raids, TFs every single night starting at varying times. something is always going on whether being pick up or planned. we have an active discord and Coalition with many many top tier SGs.



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