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  1. I love ice armor. it's underrated and one of the best armor sets. you get so much utility, easily soft capped to energy, neg energy, smashing, lethal and capped resist to cold with moderate resist to fire. energy absoption which saps bosses and below to 0 end recovering you endurance and adding to your def to all but psi. hoarfrost which is a dull pain clone. and 2! PBAoE aggro grabbers, icicles and chilling embrace. if you want it you also get hibernate, an amazing phase power that heals you and recovers endurance I would go fire melee/ice armor for the fun factor. i've seen some do some amazing things with a good patron pool for some more AoE other than fire sword circle, you could even go fire mastery and go the melt armor/fireball route for thematic reasons. I however would like to recommend Radiation Melee/Ice Armor. you get an extra PBAoE toggle with irradiated ground which significantly adds to your AoE capabilities. and it goes well with the new experimentation pool thematically. I went with soul mastery, because darkest night it just even more protection and reskinned green it just looks like radioactive gas, I also got the cone immob which is just awesome, giant green radiation colored tentacles? anyway that's my 2 cents, I would go on about experimentation too but I made a post about it you can view if you want. thanks for listening.
  2. Ice Armor is my favorite set, energy absorbtion saps up to bosses to zero end, and adds to your def and end. Chilling embrace and icicles to hold aggro with the best of them. easily softcapped to energy/neg energy and lethal/smashing. high resist to cold and moderate resist of fire. easy to fit 5 LoTGs without grabbing a ton of pool powers. and hoarfrost, which is a dull pain clone. if you want to pick it up you could grab hibernate too, which is a nice oh shit power if you get over your head. it definitely has synergy with savage and I think it would work fantastically.
  3. I really just wanted experimentation for thematic reasons, so respec'd the rad/ice I've been toying with. I grabbed four powers from experimentation, I skipped the buff. Poison Dart is pretty great. extremely fast, although admittedly my rech is extremely high but it recharges in .6 of a second. Initially it does almost no damage, but DoT packs a punch. 4 darts can take out a minion, although that is also 6 slotted. ( I put 2 earlier realizing the elec affin defender and corrupter were boosting a good bit of that dmg) it does take a second of course, being DoT. but once you get a couple stacked up it starts to go fairly quickly. I picked up Speed of Sound. I didn't have a travel power and its nice, but the crown jewel of this power is the teleport. Jaunt can be used 3 times in a row, and is very quick. I use this power in combat because unlike teleport, you don't hover. so it makes a quick way getting mob to mob. Corrosive Vial is the whole reason I picked this pool. I mean throwing a glass vial of some chemical on my enemies?! Yes, Please! Like Poison Dart, not much damage is done initially, and the recharge is pretty long. after playing with procs ive decided just slotting for damage normally works better, it seems to only hit 8? enemies. really tough to gauge, it might just be a smaller radius than most. I also forgot to add it significantly reduces the enemies def, by 10% unenhanced. It is a fantastic power especially stacked with the DoT of icicles and irradiated ground on top of atom smasher, shit just melts. Adrenal Booster is nice. I've got 3 recharges in it and it still takes over a minute to recharge and lasts a minute, so youre not gonna get this bad boy permad like hasten, but that doesn't make it any less valuable. it boosts dmg, tohit, rech, and secondary effects which is pretty damn cool. I mean more rech more corrosive vials. In summary I love this pool. I've been teaming with an Electric Affinity defender and with that extra dmg holy cow! Stuff is just melting with the DoT! hope this helps anybody thinking about taking the pool! edit: just updated some info
  4. I run SM/Bio. It's more interactive than my fire farmer. Including shred the aoe dmg is nonstop. I also run the lethal farm. I'd imagine rad would be just as good if not better. I have to admit though, savage is real nice on the AoE as well. I also slotted bios heal for dmg, I've got the absorb heal and God mode regen up so often I don't need it but for its base heal and recovery and it's more useful for dmg IMO
  5. I know people are all anti resist secondaries on stalkers, and for a good reason. However I gave Savage/radiation a try, because I have a staff/bio, am over soft cap to melee and have the extra AoE power in my T8. Not to mention the 33% to dam from meltdown. He feels very strong. I did end up going melee hybrid instead of assault for more def when debuffs are heavy in incarnate content, but overall Gammagator has been a blast and I wouldn't sleep on radiation at all, even though bio seems to do everything it does slightly better.
  6. I run Savage/Rad for my AoE powerhouse. I've gotten his melee def over softcap and he's very viable. I use the tier 8 rad power as another AoE, and it does well with it's 30 cap maximum and moderate dmg with moderate AoE dmg as well. With savages extreme amount of AoE it all falls down. The dmg bonus to meltdown is nice too, 33% I believe
  7. Savage is unreal, I've heard it's better on stalkers for the simple reason hemorrhage is a better power but I've got 8 vet level brutes and invested most of my time and money in the savage/bio, mostly because the damage felt vastly superior and faster than any other set I've played. That said I'm having a tremendous amount of fun with a staff/DA brute. Staff really helped DAd atrocious endurance usage much more managable, and with 3 AoE/come attacks at my disposal he's even viable for farming and can consistently chain aoes with fractions of a second downtime. It's ST dmg is not to be overlooked either. I've got a vet level WM/EA who is "STRONG AND PRETTY" just like the tag line implied. My main farmer is a fire/stone brute, I'm not one to optimize because everyone else does it and the use of fault and tremor with burn are plenty good enough for me to quickly farm +4/x8s so what do I care. I paired TW with rad and at the time this was great, however with the clicky nature of radiation and the lack of symmetry with momentum caused me to abandon the character, but he was my first vet level on homecoming Ive got a dual blades/ice armor brute who performs well enough but I just really wasn't a fan of the combo system, in fact I respecd him to remove the sweep combo. Anything viable but this would be my tier list of my current brutes. Hope it helps.
  8. Colder

    Ice/Bio Build

    I slotted freezing touch with hecta, and the 6th slot the hold VR, unbreakable constraint? with 5 LoTGs and hasten, freezing touch is up every 3 secs, very easy to double stack on bosses as it is but putting superior blistering cold is a good idea since you can probably use the elemental on a bio, im just ice armor. I just threw ragnarok in frost. what I really came here to tell you was slot assassins mark and stalkers guile as early as you can attain them, they make things much easier. I put guile in AS, so I can go into hide from that, and I put mark in Ice Sword, but it makes every attack proc to rech build up so can be put anywhere
  9. Can I say welcome to the minority of stalker sets....You made a wide choice friend. I'll post my build from my home computer later this evening.
  10. Chilling embrace works nicely IMO. they still do take to the hills but it slows there running to a crawl and it aggros mobs out of hide, I use it to herd. I just recent respec'd my ice/ice to mu mastery and got zapp and ball lightning over moonboom and GD I'm a little AoE death machine between frost, frozen aura, ball lightning and ion judgement it just all falls
  11. Chaos United is always looking for more members. Send me a tell in game and we'll see what I can do for you. We have plenty members who play late and do a variety of Incarnate material, and Rikti Ship Raids, TFs every single night starting at varying times. something is always going on whether being pick up or planned. we have an active discord and Coalition with many many top tier SGs. Colder
  12. Yeah he was just really opinionated is all. Shrug it off \ignore \em dance
  13. Ice Melee is a true contender in AoE DPS and ST DPS and so little people are aware. Plus slow is an amazing secondary debuff, Ice patch is a top tier defensive tool, and the worst power in the set Greater Ice sword was replaced for AS.
  14. ICY BASTION SCHOOLS HIBERNATE, FYI IMHO. Had to caps it so you know im supa cereal.
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