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  1. my necro/cold can do +2 AVs with relative ease, I can do +3 but it gets hairy. it's mostly due to benumb and sleet/freezing rain copy. much easier on my thugs/rad but coldergrave can def do it. edit: I know the post was about necro/time but thought I'd share
  2. I like time, they stay close for farsight and healing and such
  3. replying to save thread for later. I'm running a necro/cold currently, medicine, hasten, and leadership. thinking of swapping medicine for sorcery(spirit ward). hes already 50 but far from perfect. any advice with cold is appreciated. working through the search results now. Thanks, Coldergrave
  4. I just started a DA/ELM for lightning claps stun to stack with OGs stun. I know the updates are coming for energy melee too, so you might consider it as well. DAs strength is near capped resistances to most damage, a defensive toggle, the most powerful heal in the game, and control toggles. Anything that enhances the toggles CC effect is useful. Also, it sucks but plan on taking the endurance re hiduction alpha. I plan on going all the way without energy epic pool. I always get hasten, it can really reduce the amount of time between dark regen. It's not so much important how you s
  5. Also got a put a vote for ice, just aim frost well and it's practically pbaoe. Either hover or time the jump. Plus frozen aura? And I love trying AoE stalkers...have a fire/ea and a savage/rad...but solo, shit is always gonna run. Having ice melee to slow then down for the stomping is a necessity IMO.
  6. Colder

    New primary

    One thing they wouldn't even have to reskin is elementals. Minions 3 fire imps w beefed up stats Lts 2 electric gremlins, The boss plant? Or maybe jack frost?
  7. Commenting to save this for later.
  8. Bio/fire. People hate combustion because of the cast time but with build up and the offensive toggle running that and fire sword circle clear most of the group. Not to mention he's ridiculously durable with a handful of options for nearly every situation. Vet level 40ish Edit: just wanted to add, my other tanks are Shield/dm, which is a fun combo but the damage just feels extremely low in comparison to the bio/fire. Level 49 And then there is my Elec/MA. I swapped the kicks to the punches and it feels kind of clunky. But he's durable as heck. He's my only red side tanke
  9. I'm looking to start an electric melee character, I've never brought one up so want too. I'm currently hung up on brute or tanker, I know it performs best on stalkers with AS replacing the near useless "clap" power, but I prefer the tanky roles (this month, haha) My question is pretty simple, since tanker AoEs were improved, did you electric melee tanks notice a change with thunderstrike and jacob's ladder? Are you hitting more mobs with these attacks? Is the area of effect bigger? Is this enough to roll tank over brute? What about lightning rod, did this power change
  10. I did stj/shield. Added aoe dmg with shield charge. Also grabbed exploding shuriken and targeting drone. I feel like a black ops captain america knockoff.
  11. Savage/bio or savage/rad. Savage is a top contender in aoe for brutes and you can proc out the heal in bio and use the damage buff. In rad proc out the heal and the aoe attack/teammate heal.
  12. I certainly wouldn't say ice is weak. Sure the resistances provided are mostly elemental, which is scarce. But hoarfrost is essentially dull pain, doubling HP is better than absorb. It's super easy to soft cap def to all but psi and the elemental dmg types you resist. And energy absorption can sap the end of minion to boss level mobs from one application and put you well over soft cap. Not to mention slows effectively reduce incoming damage, albeit not by much.
  13. Just an idea here, but what if total focus kept it's extreme damage ST, kept it's ridiculous 3.3 sec animation time, AND added a moderate-high damage aoe that effects all targets surrounding point of impact? Granted this wouldn't fix the speed of the attacks, but it would make the animation more justified. Even if the ST attack was wasted on it's primary target and it dies before TF hits, the aoe still goes off.
  14. I love ice armor. it's underrated and one of the best armor sets. you get so much utility, easily soft capped to energy, neg energy, smashing, lethal and capped resist to cold with moderate resist to fire. energy absoption which saps bosses and below to 0 end recovering you endurance and adding to your def to all but psi. hoarfrost which is a dull pain clone. and 2! PBAoE aggro grabbers, icicles and chilling embrace. if you want it you also get hibernate, an amazing phase power that heals you and recovers endurance I would go fire melee/ice armor for the fun factor. i've seen some
  15. Ice Armor is my favorite set, energy absorbtion saps up to bosses to zero end, and adds to your def and end. Chilling embrace and icicles to hold aggro with the best of them. easily softcapped to energy/neg energy and lethal/smashing. high resist to cold and moderate resist of fire. easy to fit 5 LoTGs without grabbing a ton of pool powers. and hoarfrost, which is a dull pain clone. if you want to pick it up you could grab hibernate too, which is a nice oh shit power if you get over your head. it definitely has synergy with savage and I think it would work fantastically.
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