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Base editor constantly moving objects around


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I'm running into this problem more and more lately. I'm trying to build a large base outside the normal base area -- something many of us do all the time -- and the editor refuses to save the actual position of a lot of items. I'll place everything down, then exit the base and come back a bit later to find a dozen or more objects have relocated, moving up or down up to a full unit in either direction. 


It's reaching the point where I'm about to give up on base building entirely, since I can't build ANYTHING without it undoing all my work.





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1 hour ago, ShardWarrior said:

When placing items are you disabling the grid or do you have it set to 1x1, 2x2 etc?

I usually place things on the grid, using 1/4 x 1/4. Occasionally I'll place things with the grid disabled. But the things that move around are seemingly random. Some of the items I place without the grid stay where they are with no problem. Other things ON the grid move around at random. If it was only stuff I positioned with the grid disabled I could live with it, but at this point ANYTHING I put down seems to have a chance to be shifted around. It makes it impossible to be excited about building projects anymore, because I have to build a single tiny area at a time, and then spend the next 15m double-checking to make sure everything stays where I put it. And half the time it doesn't.

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Just now, ShardWarrior said:

Interesting.  I've never run into this issue myself.  Did you try a /petition?

I haven't tried one yet, no. A couple other people I've talked to say they've seen the same thing, with stuff moving around at random. 


I'm wondering if it has to do with building outside the normal base environment. My current project was building stuff down near the "bottom" of the usable area, about -1600 or so. I built the framework for my ship and everything stayed where I put it. But once I started decorating and putting down smaller items, stuff started drifting.

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