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Trials and League Formation


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As someone who has formed a number of iTrials, I think a lot could be done to make the experience more pleasant

for the leader.


League Formation:

1.   Invited Persons randomly go into higher number groups, forcing me to constantly shift new invites around.  

Make it so that new invites go into group 1 until full, then group 2, and so on.


2.   I don't think it should really be necessary for everyone to be in the same zone. 

Might have made sense when red/blue was segregated, but not anymore.


3.   Make the locked groups feature actually work....  there is too much work involved with moving people

around again after we zone into the mission.  Actually, I'd prefer the entire raid be auto locked in place when

queued privately.


4.  Add an option to where people can invite themselves to your raid?    Wouldn't be a bad feature even for

regular mission group formation. 


5.  Let me move people around even if they're not in my zone.


6.  Need some feature to easily identify people who are not qualified for the raid.  Can't tell you how many times I've

had people below level 50 ask for an invite to an iTrial.  


The Trial:


1.  I lose leadership of the iTrial.  Shouldn't happen on a privately queued trial, but it does, almost every time.


2.  People are randomly placed in new groups, regardless of the group lock feature.


3.  Too many disconnects, which I have to deal with as the trial leader.    Find out what causes the DCs please, and fix it? 

Also add a feature to where people can auto rejoin on login.


4.  Allow people to skip the cutscene.    It's just wonderful hearing all the disconnected people pinging me to reinvite,

while im stuck looking at the cutscene in a BAF.


5.  Add some feature to where people who need help, for example the doors in BAF, can be displayed on the map. 

Maybe number the doors, or add a map "ping" feature?







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