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  1. The original map pack can be ran from anywhere and will ask you where to install it. You'll want to point it to your main City of Heroes folder.
  2. My guess is that you didn't install the original issue 23 map pack first. The files you listed here are the only villain maps that have been updated with the MoreMaps pack. Installing the original maps (and then the new ones again) should fix your problem.
  3. Doc is correct. It's an unavoidable side-effect of what we consider to be a "zone" using mission map segments instead of a regular overall map image.
  4. I not aware of a star icon that is the same in both of those zones, but I'll take a guess. If you mean the orange star with a "1" in Talos, that is a marker for Citadel as the TF contact. If you mean the purple star with a dot in the center in Kings Row, that is for the Clockwork Paladin zone event. Edit: It occurred to me that you might be seeing the old map version of Talos Island that also had the purple star on it. If that's the case, that indicates the location of the Adamastor Rising zone event. However, that's not the current version of the map, and y
  5. Do you have multiple sets of the PIGG files on your computer? If so, that would indicate that each server is looking at different files, and you'd need to copy the \data folder structure into the other location(s).
  6. That badge was added to the MoreMaps collection a while back: Double-check to make sure you have that collection installed in the proper location.
  7. If possible, make notes about which marker it is according to the map legend, and also the text that is on the plaque. That way it can be cross-referenced with Paragon Wiki. (While the plaque locations have moved from what is recorded on Paragon Wiki, the same plaques are still in the zone.)
  8. Without any further details I can't be certain, but I'd bet the problem you have was corrected with the original update to the map pack. Make sure you've got the MoreMaps files added correctly into the same spots as the original map pack. (BTW, everything looks fine on my system when in-game.)
  9. It sounds like you need to download the original maps collection, then. The Safeguards and Mayhem maps aren't included in the MoreMaps bundle because nothing had changed since the game shut down. I don't remember if it gives you the option to ignore files that are newer during the install process, so you will likely have to re-copy the MoreMaps files after installing the original pack.
  10. When you're on a Safeguard or Mayhem map, do you see the red, yellow, green, blue, and purple squares that indicate the side mission keys? If not, then the maps aren't installed properly. Make sure they're in the following folders on your computer: ..\<CoH Game folder>\data\texture_library\MAPS\Safeguard\ ..\<CoH Game folder>\data\texture_library\V_MAPS\Outdoor_Missions\ Those are for the Safeguard and Mayhem maps, respectively.
  11. Pay special attention to this note in the original post: In your case, it sounds as if you've put every texture in your main game folder. The proper initial folder structure should be: ..\<CoH Game folder>\data\texture_library\.. and from there you'll get all other locations as necessary: ..\texture_library\MAPS\Safeguard\ ..\texture_library\MAPS\sewers\ ..\texture_library\P_MAPS\ ..\texture_library\V_MAPS\Outdoor_Missions\ ..\texture_library\V_MAPS\static\ There'll be a whole bunch of different folders wh
  12. This is accurate, and matches the results of my tests back on live. https://paragonwiki.com/wiki/Tournament_Victor_Badge
  13. The "Powerful" badge is in Echo: Rikti Crash Site now, not Rikti War Zone.
  14. I didn't check the Steel Canyon Mayhem map, but I did look at the Founders' Falls Safeguard. From what I can tell, tracing the entire boundary of the instance only moves your marker around the bottom left quadrant of the map. Markers for the entrance and bank are accordingly scaled down to those dimensions. The boundary for the Skyway City Mayhem appears to be shifted to the north. If you travel to the furthest extent of the instance in that direction, you go off the map and get a "Map Unavailable" error. These errors seem vaguely familiar from live, but it's been so lo
  15. There do appear to be some scaling/boundary problems that have cropped up with some of the Safeguard and Mayhem maps, but they're not due to the VidiotMap overlays. The problems still exist even when the VidiotMaps are removed.
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