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  1. If this is based on CPT America's shield use, then maybe your AOE Barrage might be the shield bouncing from target to target instead of being multiple discs, and an early "cone" could be throwing it on the floor to roll at the enemy and fling back at the end of its range. Possibly give the set a couple of "wounds" abilities since that sounds more heroic than causing bleeds:) and make it have to wait to do it's next attack until the shield has returned or change some animations to reflect waiting to catch the shield if you do the attacks say after you toss the shield at range and then melee smack someone else. I know my suggestions are shield focused, but I'm not sure I have any disk wielders in my head to come up with other ideas based on.
  2. Probably the easiest fix is trigger the opportunity whether the power hits or not. Maybe don't trigger the timer until a power hits, but the oops power 1 missed, power 2 opportunity activated would be fixed. For the record I like my sentinel, but I'm a noob and not really sure how powerful I should feel at any given level. My main sentinel is an energy blast, radiation shields toon, if I recall correctly, so I don't know if that has skewed my opinion.
  3. I like this idea. But, as has been said before, probably tone down damage from pets or even more likely tone down their HP so you NEED to be tanking for them to stay alive to do relevant damage. Possibly have a brute like inherent so the more damage you take the more damage your pets do. Probably replace the equip pets powers with self buffs or attacks that do practical CC. Your own attacks should be melee range with maybe a focus on being low damage, but wide area? Possibly make your attacks cause weaknesses your pets can take advantage of for bonus damage so you are incentivised to attack instead of focusing on power pools for buffs. Or make your minions' attacks give you openings. I don't know if this AT idea plays much differently than a normal MM, or at least differently to how a MM was expected to be played, but this feels like a different play style. Make your attacks matter, and make it so your pets can't tank and you will probably feel quite different from the current play style even if it's a similar actual group role. Since in a sense controllers do the same thing as tanks, stopping your group from taking damage but with CC rather than taking all the hits themselves, it's not really the biggest deal if there is overlap in the tanking role. Some might argue Tankers need buffs to be more versatile rather than other ATs shouldn't be in their space.
  4. I don't get why people are mad about suggestions to improve an aspect of the game. If the change only affects PVP, then why complain about it? Why yuck someone else's yum?
  5. Do you think it would be too good if they just toned down the numbers a bit, or is it the functionality that would be too good?
  6. A minor counterpoint to one of the criticisms... I don't think in this game unique mechanics are the only thing that gets interest in a powerset. It helps, but a lot of this game is fluff and flavor. Not everyone likes those aspects but I think there are plenty of people who do. A set that has a unique or appropriate flavor can generate interest. It won't get the same kind of interest, or maybe interest from the "elite" players maybe, but I think there's room for casual sets, too.
  7. TLDR: Big hero female default There are 3 default bodies, Basic hero male, basic hero female, and big hero male. I'm not suggesting large woman for the sake of being PC, but there are characters in pop culture who fit this body type, but aren't easily makeable just by maxing the default basic hero female bars. Opera viking women, comedic spy heroines, and serious one for some versions of Amanda Waller, really, are ones that I can think of. My wife wanted to make a character based on the Venus of Willendorf but the character can't be made with the current body types. I understand that the creators probably didn't want to make characters that could be either taken as a mockery of heavy people or make boobs a focus of character design, but more options is more options. And if you make a large chest more saggy, it's less likely to be viewed as porny, although boobs are boobs. Just a suggestion that I know will be hard to make, but adding a new body type will also allow more future content.
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